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  1. Critique

    First of all love the app. However, I’m a photographer so here’s the suggestion. He needs to drop down the light source coming from the right 1 or 2 stops. It is over exposing his hand on the right side and creating a yellowish brownish shadow on the left side of the iPhone. Use another light source on the left to balance.

    Looking forward to the download!

  2. I was wondering what was going on. Tried refreshing the page on the big blank space under Enjoy! and saw an Adobe Flash context menu. Apparently the office proxy has foiled me again.

    Sean, very excited about this app. Good work, again.

  3. Great video!

    Here’s a new feature request… I was reading about an Android version of GV Dialer, and it provides 2 ways to dial out, both of which use your GV# on caller id. The first option is what you have now (GV calls you back). The second option allows you to take advantage of the โ€œpress 2 to dial outโ€ option on your voice menu, but automates the whole process. Just click a contact name, then your phone dials GV, and passes along the contact’s number.

  4. Sean, this looks great. Can’t wait to try it.

    Am I understanding Bryan’s feature request? Is he asking for VOIP on the iPhone via Google Voice? And you’re saying you can do it?

  5. @Jasmer

    I totally agree with your critique. The lighting could have been much better. I was, however, doing it very “low budget.” In fact, I used no video lights at all for the filming — only room and window light. I was quite impressed with what I could get with only a piece of colored paper, an iPhone, and a tripod as my materials. It was an experiment for me, so I really do appreciate any and all critiques on the video.

    The reason there is some yellowness to the shadow is that I did mix lighting colors. If I were doing this as a paid project rather than an experiment, I would definitely have done a few things differently — with lighting at the top of that list (first and foremost, actually using lights!).

    Does anyone else have any comments on the video? I was thinking of offering to do these for other iPhone developers for pay, if this one serves Sean well. I’d love o hear what the app-buying public thinks of this kind of video.

  6. @Andrew Warner He was actually referring to a method of dialing someone without sending a ‘call’ command to Google via the internet. This method involves dialing your GV #, then pressing 2, and then the number you want to dial.

  7. I think this app should have been approved before Grand Dialer app was disabled. I use this as my business number and it has been aggravating without the app. I will be purchasing this app the day it is available! And from the video, looks like I will be able to do so much more than I ever expected.

  8. Can’t wait for this! One feature suggestion: how about an equivalent to the Favorites function on the iPhone (which I use all the time): I know you can’t double tap, but an option that the first screen of the App would bring up a Favorites screen for immediate dialing of often called numbers. Is this even possible? Thanks again; I’ll be buying this the day it comes out.

  9. @Bob Garon I think there is a simple program for the BlackBerry that allows you to dial via your GV #. I will explore other phone platforms once the one for the iPhone is off the ground.

  10. Yes definitely you did a good job. No question you should do this for other iPhone developers but you have to have a perfect prototype first. You want to snag the clients with the most money and those clients expect the best. Lights are fairly cheap to rent or maybe you could borrow some. You only really need two. The rest of the video was top notch. Keep up the good work!@Adam Weiss

  11. @Jasmer
    Thanks, Jasmer. I actually have lights and reflectors (I am a photographer as well), but I was doing this “fast and cheap,” so I didn’t set them up. Now I wish I had, with the video at the top of Gizmodo this morning!

  12. Anyway to make this work with skypeout?

    In philadelphia we have wireless almost everywhere, so I can use skype on wifi almost everywhere, so you can see why I could use it to work with skype. I see some reasons why it can not work with it, comments?

  13. Hopefully you hear back today and possibly get a release of one or both of your apps. With GVdialer being released I don’t see why they would deny you.

  14. @sean
    Well I am holding out for yours. Is yours going to be free? That one on the app store doesn’t look nearly as good as yours. Plus you can’t text. Still no word from Apple?

  15. Sean,
    Can’t wait for your app. I just got the notice for GV upgrade. In as much as I want to upgrade I want to continue to use my iPhone app (Grand Dialer) until yours is out so I think I’ll wait a few more days before I upgrade.

    One Suggestion for your app (next version): Can you put a local area code in the settings? That way if you are manually dialing a local number (seven digits) you don’t have to enter the local area code (all ten digits).

  16. Why can’t the application automatically answer the phone when the call comes in from Google Voice?

    Also, why can’t I have a list of numbers that I don’t want to use GV? You could even make this a pattern – for example any number beginning with 202 would not trigger Google Voice but would place the call directly.

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