24 thoughts on “GV Mobile for WinMo planned…

  1. Great as i have been using the GVdialer program and from what people are discovering Its seems like they don’t know how to beta test on any of their apps

    Sean if you do need a Beta tester let me know, i also have an Iphone BB8330 and the Touch pro (all sprint)

  2. Do you have any interest in developing the app for the Palm Pre and WebOS? It seems like it would be easy because its based on webstandards.

  3. How about a Blackberry version? This app looks pretty awesome, so I’m jealous of my iPhone friends 🙂

  4. Hey Sean,

    I’d like to help you beta test this as well. I have a Sprint Treo 800W. I can also get my hands on a few more, such as Windows Mobile Standard edition phones.

  5. Sean,

    I wold love to be a beta tester. I have an htc titan (verizon wireless – xv6800. I have used the device to its maximum and confident in toying with the device. I am a current user of Callwave, but would love to try out this exciting app. Let me know if you need another person.

    Thanks for developing something new and great!

  6. I’d also be into testing on a HTC Diamond if you’d have me – pull my email from this comment Sean. Thanks and good job on getting it in the Apple App Store

  7. Please tell me you are going to support non-touchscreen WinMo. Ready to beta test on a BlackJack II. cygnustm at gmail.com

  8. I have a WM 6.1 AT&T Tilt, and would be happy to help test the app!

    johnsengenberger [at] hotmail [dot] com

  9. Hi Sean,
    Will this applivation be made on the Palm Pre..the GV mobile..it is an awesome application..

  10. Any word on the status of this project? I have seen a couple other competing programs (which I tastefully won’t list here), but they are very poor. I dual boot Android and they have a few pretty good apps as well. Would love to help beta test this software.

  11. I am definitely also interested in beta testing the GV Windows Mobile client, also a Windows Mobile 6.1 user with Sprint Touch Pro.

    Contact me at my email address, and I will do any testing you might need.

  12. I would be down to beta test as well… I have the paid version of GV dialer… and I don’t need cuz there are plenty of free apps that get the job done if u look. but yours was the only I found that didn’t require my phone to ring to make a phone call… so its a lil more convent 😀 but I would love to test out anything that allows me to do more with this google voice account :/ WM is always the last to get love 🙁

  13. I would love to beta-test this. I have GV Mobile + for the iPhone and my wife has a cooked WM6 on her blackjack.

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