31 thoughts on “Are you ready?

  1. does the weekend include tomorrow?? will you tweet or post here when it gets released? i check your site several times a day and follow you on twitter. holy crap, somebody get me a paper bag, i think i am hyperventilating.

  2. Sweet!!! I had a dream about this, and in my dream apple released some very much anticipated apps to burst there sales way over the 1 billiion mark, oh and that I was the 10,000 dollar winner by downloading GV Mobile!

  3. @Slayer Thats a hella nice dream. I could see apple wanting to hold over the release to push over the 1 billion mark. But how many actual grand central users are there? Among my friends, Im the only one who had a grand central account

  4. Awesome! I love having something to look forward to. Not that I haven’t already been looking forward to this, but you know… its better with some kind of timeframe. 🙂

  5. @sjjones
    Not sure why you can’t go out. Just download it over the air using AppStore on the iPhone. Unless of course you are going to be in a place with no cell/wifi coverage. By the way I am looking forward to the warm weekend we are going to have in NJ.

  6. sjjones :
    its suppose to 80+ degrees in NJ this weekend does that mean i cant go outside this weekend awaiting the app???

    Your sentence structure is so poor, I’m having a difficult time in understanding.

    Are you saying that iPhones/iPod touches in New Jersey aren’t able to download apps from the device’s built-in App Store over-the-air and that you are forced to use your computer to download apps?

  7. PLEASE dont play with my emotions like this . . for too long I have waited night and day for this app and then you say there might be a chance . . SEAN . . I dont like this rollarcoaster you are doing with my feelings . . if I dont see a twitter about this app this weekend I am going to wait a WHOLE 5 MIN before I buy your app when it does come out. .

  8. Almost there. I typed in GV in the search and an actual app came up finally. Too bad its a graphing app that has the tag “GV” in its description. One step closer.

  9. I couldn’t find the app under “GV Mobile”, but searching just for “gv” and then viewing all applications yielded what I was looking for.

  10. Sean great app….one question….are you going to build in the ability to recieve sms?..or is it there and just not mentioned in the description…ok.. two questions…

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