4 Types of GV Mobile Users

First Type: Hardcore Google Voice user that downloads GV Mobile, everything works fine out of the box. This person may leave a good review, or none at all.

Second Type: Hardcore Google Voice user that downloads GV Mobile, runs into some hiccups while using it, and gets help. Everything works out in the end; everybody is happy. This person may leave a good review, or none at all.

Third Type: Has a Google Voice account that they never use, but downloads GV Mobile anyway. This person runs into some hiccups while using it and never seeks support (email, comments, forums, etc). This person immediately heads over to leave a nasty review.

Forth Type: Competitor that downloads GV Mobile just to leave a nasty review.

I thought I would share this with my loyal followers. Love you guys/gals!

I do speak and fully understand the English language. I’d rather focus on features and functionality over grammar any day!

App Reviewer 007 and ColdFusion, email me or seek support so your issues get resolved. I’ve seen nothing from you so far.

66 thoughts on “4 Types of GV Mobile Users

  1. So, I’m definitely in category 1. (And left a 5 star review to prove it.) I don’t condone how negative some of the #3 people have been or how so many people assume that for some reason the app doesn’t work for them when it is working for so many others. But I would definitely recommend trying to take a step back from them and seeing their reviews as UX/UI bug reports.

    When I first got to the Settings page I was definitely confused by a couple of things. When it said “phone number to call from” I had to think about it a second too. Your first impulse is to put your GV number because that’s the number you want to call people from. It was only after seeing that you could enter multiple numbers that I concluded that it was the list of phones you want callbacks on. (Can’t you scrape this from the GV site itself, by the way? I was surprised I had to type this in.)

    Also, “Dial on Click”? What’s that? After playing around with the app I figured it out, but since you are at the settings screen before you do anything else it was a little confusing.

    Clearly, it would also help to have some more in app exception handling. I expect, based on the experiences I’ve had with GV, that you aren’t getting back good error messages. But, still, I bet if you built in some of the troubleshooting messages from your support page into the app it would have helped some of those #3 users.

    Anyway, it’s a great app. Glad it’s finally out and you can get back to writing code rather than beating on Apple’s door. Can’t wait to see what’s coming.


  2. ITS AN AWESOME APP . . bottom line . . I am the 2nd type . . . Ran into problems but you work it out and keep moving . . the rest of the 3 and 4’s are just lazy crabs too dumb to investigate . . they probaly the same people who buy a car never change the oil thinking O I was suppose to do that myself . .

  3. I haven’t left one yet, but I’ll sure as hell give you 5 stars when I do. Can’t wait for future improvements! Thanks again Sean!

  4. Definitely a type 1 so far. I admit I’m holding my review until I use it more however. Keep up the awesome work.

  5. I got in on the early ad hoc and have had zero problems. I will most definitly be leaving a 5 star review once I’m able to download the official version. Thanks for an awesome app that makes using google voice so convienient.

  6. I fall under the first.

    I actually used GrandDialer daily when I had t-mobile myfaves. Loved the app but always wished I could check history and junk.

    GV Mobile implements most of GV features right into the iphone. I really hope you continue to update it and add more great features. I had been following this apps development for awhile now and am excited it came out.

    Keep up the good work. It is a great app.

  7. I’ve got both versions now – one for each of a pair of voice numbers – and they both work great. Love a good app – positive reviews to follow once I’ve used them for more than a day, but right now I have to say everything works as advertised.

  8. I left a nice 4 star review with positive contructive critique….I’m saving the fifth star for the ability to recieve sms in the app….outstanding job here….thanks for letting us into your slice of life at this moment…I’m sure i’m not the only one who feels like I have a personal app developer ….I’ve watched with interest from the beggining..and he’s finally getting his due….sure..you work for YOU..and your family…but I enjoy your work as well…and encourage you to continue to do great…congratulations on getting your app finally up and running …and have a great rest of the day…..

  9. I left you a 3 Star Review, Sean.. I Am Going To Be Honest.. I Was Disappointed. With Small Things. First I Downloaed The Paid Version, I Had Several Issues.. One I Had An Issue Placing Calls. Apparently The Application Needs My Number To Be 11 Digits, Now I’m Used To Dialing An Area Code, I Live In South Jersey And We Have Area Code 856 And 609, and soon to have 732 as Well. Which Is Why I Got A Then Grandcentral Number To Adviod Long Distance Between Home And MY Cell… Noew Back To The App.. I Was Disappointed To See I Was Not Able To Send And Recieve SMS from My Device, And Infact After Adding The Application And Sending SMS Using The App, I Wasn’t Able To Get Any SMS forwarded to my cell until I logged in to google voice and RE-VERIFIED my Cellphone Number Due To The Facet I Had Been Forced To Place A 1 Before The Number In The Application…

    Now, All This Should Be Fixed.. The SMS feature Should Be Worked On, The And The 1 Before The Phone Number Should Be Clarified…
    I Will Gladly Re Submit A Review After The Next Update…

    I Design Websites, I Under Stand Techinal Difficulties, If The Sms Thing Isn’t Possible Speak Up! And I Will Re Submit A Review..

    The Interface Is Great The Application Seems To Run Good,
    And I Left A 5 Star Review For The Free Version, It Worked Great, Even Tho I will not be using it because I Have The Paid Version,

    Thanks Get Back To Me Please…

  10. @Steve I appreciate the feed back…a couple things to note. The application needing an 11 digit call back number is nothing new – Google Voice asks for the exact same thing (this is your cell/work/home/etc number – Google Voice calls it the “Phone to ring”). Never once did I say this would have the ability to read SMS; read the description on iTunes, on my GV Mobile page (up top), the video. This will be added soon.
    I think once people understand that GV Mobile is a mere GUI for the website, they will understand its purpose. I’m not pulling rabbits out of hats folks.

  11. I dont understand. I tried to leave my first review on the app store. I love the app. But when I try on the comp or on itunes, it says I must own the app in order to review. I purchased it the second it was on the app store and love it!

  12. By the way I am a different category user. I am #7 (or what ever number): Not a hardcore Google Voice user, but I love toys and the GV Mobile app makes the Google Voice toy that much more fun and easier to use.

    I will absolutely give 5 stars once it actually allows me to review. But I do want to see SMS in bounds and I would like to see the history link to the Google contacts. πŸ™‚

  13. i’ve been playing around with it for the last couple of days. from my perspective it’s a great start that will get better over time. i’ve found it to be a little slow when working on the edge network, but that’s a cellular issue. like others have stated, i wish for the SMS functionalities to be expanded, and history to include SMS history as well. would also like the option to SMS people in the history…

    but this app is much nicer than the google voice web app, and makes using GV somewhat easier. i don’t know if it’s better in terms of speed and functionality than GV’s web app, but once SMS functionalities are expanded, i think it will be a solid winner.

  14. can you please do the logging in in the background? its kind of annoying to wait for it to finish logging in! just a suggestion!

  15. @yeehaa In a perfect world, this would be good, but people are very impatient. If I did this and someone tried to make a call or send an SMS and the login wasn’t complete, it would error out. This would cause more confusion. I’ll think about adding an option for this – silent login.

  16. Sean could you please add a Favorites tab? I have hundreds of contacts and looking one up every time I want to call the people I call more often is time consuming now. Thanks.

  17. left 5 star reviews for both, using them both for the 2 GV accounts i have. it was well worth the wait, FANTASTIC APPS Sean!!

  18. Great App Sean. I just left you a 5 star rating. I’ve got a quick question/request which may not even be possible working with g voice but if anyone would know, it would be you. I’m running an unlocked iphone with a PAYG plan since I’m usually in wifi. I’m hoping to do a lot of voip calling using skype’s app on the iphone with GV dialing my skypein number. Since I don’t have a proper minute plan, my question is whether it’s technically feasible to set some kind of few second delay for a call to come back to you once I request it in gv mobile? Something variable in the settings page perhaps so people could pick how long they need. This is so I could use gv mobile, place my call, and then close the app to start skype and wait for my incoming call. I can avoid the need for this if I run something like backgrounder via cydia and have skype in the background but that app, while I appreciate it, doesn’t always work.

    Such a delay option would also enable ipod touch users to use the app for calling as well and silence their complaints on your review page. That’s a whole new market right there. It might not be possible, but I figured I’d throw it out there. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  19. Is there a video review uploaded somewhere? I’d like to see if the app can also view the google voice transcription associated with each voicemail. How about the Notes field, can that be viewed/edited?

  20. @Jaiyen This is already set as a planned feature. I’ll have to figure out the logistics in this…it might not be possible since once you close the app, it terminates any code running. People that use backgrounder might be able to ‘minimize’ GV Mobile and open skype. Does this sound possible?

  21. Great to hear it Sean. Your app with backgrounder and skype does work for me, even if you just close gv mobile once you’ve initiated a call, the skype that’s ringing in the background allows you to answer the call once you open up the minimized skype. The only reason for my request is that backgrounder doesn’t always keep things backgrounding like I’d like and you never know when the iphone has shut things down that were supposed to stay minimized. Any idea how push notifications in 3.0 might effect this in the future?

  22. I think you left out the type of user that sees the word “Voice” and instantly thinks its a Voice over IP application, downloads it, finds out it’s not a VoIP app and then leaves a snarky 1 star review (like, WTF?).

    I wouldn’t say I’m a hardcore GV user, since before GV Mobile I didn’t use it hardly at all. However, my experience with GV Mobile has been very good and got me using Google Voice more. I did get into the ad-hoc distribution (*thanks*!) and I left a 5 star review (note, that was my first, and to date only, review I’ve ever posted!).

    So, is the app perfect? No, but it’s definitely good enough and I’m looking forward to see what more you do with it. Good luck!

  23. I keep getting an error when I attempt to dial a number. The error is as follows:
    “Google Voice refused make the call. This may be due to an invalid phone number you want to make the call from and/or you’re trying to call a incorrect number. Please verify the number and try again.”

    I was able to successfully send out an SMS message without a problem, but the dialing for a phone number continues to give me this error, regardless of the number I’m dialing. Also, I’ve verified within the ‘settings’ that my forwarding number and my GV number are both correct.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  24. @W
    did you set up your iPhone number on the Google Voice site as a number you would be dialing from? I think you have to do that first as a matter of course…

  25. @Kenneth Trueman
    actually you do not. i have both the free and premium version on my iphone to utilize my two GV accounts and my iphone number is not listed as a “call from” number on both yet when i enter it in GV Mobile it still works.

    @W this has happened to me once or twice and i usually switch my connection method (i.e. if i am on wifi i turn it off and use 3g or vice versa) make a call and then it begins working fine no matter how i connect, not sure if this is a bug or what but its quick and easy to fix so it doesnt bother me.

  26. Sean, I was thinking exactly what Jaiyen asked about, how cool would this be if you could use it to call from skype but figured it would not be possible since you cant run apps in the background and skype needs to be open to receive calls. if this can be made possible it would make this hands down the best app available ever in the history of the world!!

  27. @sean
    no necessarily silent. but, let the information like history or access to the contacts n keyboard when the spinning wheel does its job up there and you can even display the message telling that loggin in progress!

  28. @sean
    not necessarily silent. but, let the information like history or access to the contacts n keyboard when the spinning wheel does its job up there and you can even display the message telling that loggin in progress!

  29. Wow, and here I was thinking that some of the bad reviews might just be because its an incomplete product, or some people genuinely didn’t find the app helpful or worth the money. Obviously everyone who doesn’t like GV mobile must be either a non-user or a competitor. Makes perfect sense, Sean, considering who left a 1 star review on a competitors product. (Hint: It was you)


  30. I’m a type 1 user – and I’ll leave a partial review.

    First and foremost, I love it! Its the first public release so there are more features I would want, but it works well and lets me easily call numbers from GV!

    Keep up the good work.

  31. 5th Type: Found GV Mobile in the ITMS on accident (knowledge of its imminent coming was highly anticipated). Heavy Gvoice user that appreciates adequate documentation. Found support link on this blog with very minimal help. Changing my GOOG password to some simple shit is_not a solution. I paid for this app instead of using Appulous b/c apprecite the effort. If you need help with documentation, just ask. However, I don’t contribute to anything that is not GPL’d. I hope it works to make calls soon. How does one remove a number from β€œPhone number to call from” list?

  32. Ok, everything works well now, but how about a description of each item in the settings for the app? Did I completely miss that piece of documentation?

  33. I left a disappointed review on iTunes after enthusiastically purchasing GV Mobile. I was unable to place a call even after re-installing it, rebooting the iPhone (G3, v 3.0). It is interesting that people either absolutely love it (and I was one of them until trying to make a call) or extremely disappointed. I think the reason of the strong negative emotions is that we associate Sean’s application with Google that is not known for not functional software.

  34. @sean
    Hi Sean,
    I have send in a request for an account about a month ago but haven’t heard anything, will you please let me know as to how I can get a GV Mobile account.

  35. Hello Sean;

    I have so much enjoyed using GV Mobile on my 3GS. I was able to download it before Apple took it off their website. I’ve been using it for several months. The SMS did not work (but that was not a problem as I really don’t text). However, today, October 13, 2009, I can no longer log into Google Voice. Although I tried re-entering my user id and password (and it is correct as I can log on from a computer) I get a dialogue box stating that either my user id or password is incorrect.

    Apple has apparently done something to negate your ap for those of us who were using it. Is there anything that can be done?

    Thanks very much again for a great program!

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