Mmm mmm good…

Some screen shot porn of the next release…I can’t post too many revealing shots just yet. πŸ˜‰ Thank Jake for the added sexy.


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  1. For the love of god…why can’t the dialer be made to look like GRANDDIALER?! Simple. Just shade the standard keypad a different color? Pleease?!

  2. i’ve got both this app and voice central. voice central has the advantage of having SMS history albeit mixed with voice history. schwing! can you add that? neither app has a favorite section. i dunno about you, but i don’t ever use the keypad and hardly ever use my contact list. favorites are my favorites!

  3. @Ethan Ethan I am also very sensitive to esthetics. And I think I like this keypad better than the standard one. Cleaner. And the entire interface looks much more graphically cohesive.

  4. @sean Sean thank you for your hard work. But essentially what I think SMathers is trying to communicate is that most of us use GoogleVoice because we don’t want those we call to know our real number πŸ™‚ So a favorites list would be perfect for those people we call who we never want to be able to track us down.

    To implement this, should you so desire, take a look at Truphone app. It allows you to choose which icons you want on the bottom interface. And it ends with a “More” icon on the far right so you can still access things such as “settings” which you now have in that far right spot or anything else you might want to add such as “RECORDINGS”! Hint Hint πŸ™‚

    Thanks for listening, Jas

  5. @sean Why is this comment awaiting moderation.. there is already another comment posted below mine. Am I being censored?? I’ll repost

    Sean thank you for your hard work. But essentially what I think SMathers is trying to communicate is that most of us use GoogleVoice because we don’t want those we call to know our real number So a favorites list would be perfect for those people we call who we never want to be able to track us down.
    To implement this, should you so desire, take a look at Truphone app. It allows you to choose which icons you want on the bottom interface. And it ends with a β€œMore” icon on the far right so you can still access things such as β€œsettings” which you now have in that far right spot or anything else you might want to add such as β€œRECORDINGS”! Hint Hint
    Thanks for listening, Jas

  6. I dunno, their SMS history seems to work for me, I use it because your product doesn’t have it.

    I notice you spend a lot of time bashing competitors and people who don’t agree with you.
    That’s not a great business strategy.

  7. @jasmer Actually, I don’t care about people not being able to track me down. Quite the opposite, I want to train them to use my google voice number so that they can get me at my cell, skype, and home. As we’re all painfully aware AT&T is teh suck and it doesn’t work in all sorts of places (including my home).

  8. @SMathers I bash because I can. When you’re a leader, you can. I know my product is better and I stand by that. I’m not a failed consulting business that wants to make extra dough by selling poorly tested apps. Is it not Apple that bashes Microsoft in every commercial they have? They seem pretty successful, right? πŸ˜‰

  9. Why is the keypad the default? It is a rare feature to actually use on ANY phone these days…I always find it funny that cell phones base their menu around this little used feature as opposed to building something new and making the manual input of numbers a little more tedious.

    Contact list (or favorites as someone else mentioned) should really be the default (or allow for it to be set as one) on both SMS and Phone.

    BTW landscape on SMS would ROCK! Thats one of my main probs with the Apple version!

  10. Hi Sean, I am really hoping that voicemail can be heard via bluetooth headset as well as SMS history. These two things will make GV Mobile perfect for me. Thanks for the update!

  11. @ Sean: Get over yourself. You’re no leader. Your product is adequate(at best), not spectacular. Don’t put yourself or your product at the same level of Apple or Microsoft. You’ve got a long ways to go just so it’s cohesively user functional. The product has no “WOW” factor. Also, those who fail often tend to have greater successes later. I use your product, simply because it was available prior to VoiceCentral.

  12. @Mischievous Obviously I am…otherwise VoiceCentral would have stuck with its original product – just voice mail. They saw obvious competition and decided to follow. In their haste, they put out a unstable product. I think the reviews speak for my product – I don’t have to. Likewise with VoiceCentral.

  13. No product is perfect, but GV Mobile is pretty good in its current state. I’m sure pretty soon it will mature to include most or all of the major features that will make all of us happy.

    I’m all for those requested features, but I hope this next update will add “Offline Dialing” to GV Mobile across the board. That would make me happy. And, eventually we’ll have complete interaction with Google Voice in that mode as well.


  14. Sean, Im a big fan of you. Not to bash you or criticize you, but just letting you know, that leaving a comment on the voicecentral app review plugging your product was a poor choice. It makes you look bad. Doesn’t matter if you were right or wrong, its just a poor choice. (NOT A FAILED CONSULTANT, I AM QUIET SUCCESSFUL AND ALWAYS PREACH YOUR APP). I use your app so I can call out from my cell without giving people my constant cell number…

  15. Wow… this thread got mean. Just chiming in that I like that the num pad is the first thing that pops up. I frequently use it. Just my .02

    looking forward to the next update… any word on when we can expect it?

  16. I think Sean is a little sensitive considering people were bashing his product without actually knowing how to use it or GV properly. That said… Sean, no need to be defensive I love GV Mobile and think it speaks for itself. Most good products do, and this is one of them. Let people rant their gripes, most real users can filter through the garbage. After all it’s $3 for god sakes and if that really breaks the bank then I suggest they should return their iPhone and get a Nokia 6300… It makes phone calls.

  17. Wow, there’s some mean people on this thread. Shit, are people that disturbed. This app is awesome for the price! People can bash all they want, and if they don’t like it, simply don’t use it. It’s $3… I had to pay over $4 for the Frappucino I just drank and I don’t get to drink it over and over. Awesome work man! Thanks!

  18. @sean Your never going to please everyone, So my advice to you is, Don’t try… Make the product that you want to put out and if people like it and it’s usefull to them they will buy it, some will be pleased and some will still find something to complain about!!!

  19. Hey Sean,

    Two suggestions:

    1. Implementing a Do-Not-Disturb toggle on GV Mobile.

    2. An easy method of toggling between multiple Google Voice accounts. (or even selling a GV Mobile 2 app) I’m not opposed to two separate icons.

    Best, Jim Scherber

  20. If you’re taking votes for new features, I would love to see SMS messaging in and out. I use GV mobile on my iPod touch, and sometimes my cell phone isn’t right at hand. It would be awesome to be able to both send and receive SMS messages to the app. In defense of the dialpad, I actually use it quite frequently. More frequently than I use the contacts, frankly. Having taken GrandDialer’s design (with the contacts on the same page as the dialpad) was a very good idea. While a favorites might be nice, I’d prefer to see it stay as it is.

  21. Hey Sean,

    Any chance of Push Notification when 3.0 comes out? a push when we get a text to the GV number?

    since im Canadian this would be an awesome thing if they dont fix the whole canadian terminating numbers thing

  22. You I hate critics because they are too lazy or sorry to make a product themselves they over critic a good product bc they didnt have the ambition, drive or balls to do it themselves. . . Here a guy is putting out a product that the majority enjoy and these dummies come here wanting to have a piss fight. . Yall need to grow up and if you dont like Sean or his product make your own. . I am not d!@k riding either yall haters have nothing better to do so stay with the Grand central crap and bug off.

  23. (just so you all know I typed that last post quickly and didn’t care for a spell check) but to show my point there is someone saying look he cant type . . ha ha . . thats the stupidity when some of you idiots cant just go with the message you want to harass the messenger . . there is no perfect person so there wont be a perfect app nor a way to make EVERYONE happy. . Think about this . . this is a business therefore Sean will do whatever he needs to make his money so he will better the product. . I know this app is not the greatest invention in the world but was Rome built in a day? and again I dont know sean never met him but I cant stand when supercilious people talk like they have done something better . .

  24. and lastly (really got frustrated . . lol) when it comes to marketing . .

    apple vs microsoft

    subway vs mcdonalds

    jack in the box vs burger king (i like that commercial)

    chevy vs honda

    google vs microsoft

    grandcentral dialer app vs GV mobile

    this world is bred on competition and survives on competitors pushing their product and true this isnt on a level of mass marketing to hundreds of millions if it works why can I or sean or anyone else use the same tool . .

    if you arent confrontational then thats your quirk but YOU people need to stop telling this man how to act and treat his app before he yanks it all together and just make suggestions. . you think you b!t@hing at him will really change him . . lol . . seems like you just need to focus on your own little world that you probably cant even control. .

  25. Stop being fanboys everyone – just enjoy the app and look forward to future updates. Om…peace!!

  26. Okay gang. Thank you Q for defending me and my product. Lets all play nice though. I have some good stuff coming along…I’ve been busy doing month end stuff for work though, so maybe tonight I’ll have something off to Apple.

  27. @sean
    Thanks for the update Sean. I have a feeling there will be a couple of good surprises in this release. I can’t wait πŸ™‚

  28. Thank you Sean for all your hard work. You OWN a great app and have the right to do or say anything you like. Kudos’s for doing so.

  29. Man, alls I have to say is that google voice is pure sex. The options in the settings are so thorough I dont know why I took so long to upgrade from grand central. The fact that kovacs made an app that functions nearly identical to google voice, is more sex.

    And Im definitely enjoying the screenshots. Lets hope apple doesnt drag their feet with this update

  30. FYI – GV Mobile is currently listed in the top ten paid apps, productivity category, on the iPhone app store.

  31. @KTJCM Yea..saw that. It was #3 the 2nd day out…it reached its high though..until Google opens up the service, it will slowly go down.

  32. When 3.0 is available, push notification is a must. For both texts and voicemails.

    Thanks man. Love your app.

  33. You don’t remember Gizmodo? they’re the ones who got me (and a bunch of others) to this site and then later on I bought the app once released. I already bought the app I’m not gonna pay for this other one now. I might just get it by other means and test it.

    BTW in the future updates is there gonna be away to send SMS to people on my GV contacts,not just my iPhone contacts? I dont have certain numbers on my phone and keep them on my GV contacts and I hate trying to remember the number everytime i wanna text that person

  34. Nice review on Gizmodo for VoiceCentral. There goes your “leadership” huh? LOL. Eh, what’s another $2.99 compared to my daily java fix.

  35. As per the gizmodo review. Im sorry but GV mobile crashes? I havent had one crash yet, it does take a lil long to sign in under edge. And checking voicemail/history does take a lil while to sync up under edge. In wifi it is lickin fast.

    This aint no comparison. They say voice central beats gv mobile ONLY because it doesnt crash? Bullshit, it musta crashed while dialing a 900 number. (do those even exist these days???)

    GV mobile is still the leader, again the user reviews speak for themselves

  36. @Quash Yea – I’ve never had a problem…neither have the thousands of people that have downloaded the free and premium. The yield is like .5%, or less. Nothing for me to lose sleep over. Either people download GV Mobile or the Crayola app, doesn’t both me.

  37. I like the new keypad in the screen shots. I wasn’t liking the current one to much, mainly cause it’s a little hard to see the letters under the numbers.

    Oh, and GV Mobile has not crashed on me at all?

    AreJayOne, California, USA

  38. @sean

    Gizmodo Who? Your arrogance is seriously gettng ridiculous. You made an IPhone app that fills a void, congrats… You act as though you are Gods gift to IPhone users. In fact your app is just ok, as gizmodo (a site that is the equivalent to for everything technology) explains. I don’t mind when people promote their work, but I hate seeing you bashing other peoples work everywhere that talks about Google Voice, including a review on a competitors Itunes link…Pathetic. I used to go to this site all the time and couldn’t wait to buy your app until all I kept on reading was your crying because big bad apple was screwing you over. I will now not buy your app because your business practices are beyond childish and the last thing I would want to do is support someone like you.

    Since you obviously don’t care when you bash other peoples work on their turf I guess you won’t mind telling your readers to definitely check out voicecentral or even wait until voicehelper comes out, because isn’t it better to look at all the options before making a decision?

  39. @Stop Crying VoiceHelper – Hahaha. Is that even in the same league??? It’s an app that literally wraps around the web site. Do I force you to come to my site? No, so leave! I am NOT a business, I am an independent developer who wrote GV Mobile for myself – there was a need for it, so I’m selling it. I could give two shits what you think of me. You don’t think those dick wads didn’t bash my product – at least I was upfront about it and gave full disclosure. If people cared more about what I say and less about my product, you would see it. Aren’t you missing class? Go fuck yourself bud. Don’t bother coming back…

  40. @Sean
    There you go crying again sean. ohhh u logged and looked at where my ip is located to show you I work near a university??? HAHA PATHETIC! Better cover up, your insecurities are showing…

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