Monthly Archives: April 2009

GV Mobile faceoff…already?

Tough times in the consulting business, I see. 😉 Yes, even before hitting the App Store, GV Mobile was in a battle with another app, VoiceCentral. GV Mobile did undoubtedly come out on top according to Greg’s review. Going forward, all new features will be announced well after the submission to Apple. There is some amazing stuff coming in the next release. Check out Greg’s article: Battle Of The Google Voice iPhone Apps: VoiceCentral vs. GV Mobile.

Follow me on Twitter? Giveaway!

I guess that’s what you do…anyways, I’m seankovacs on twitter. Ooo this is fun – the 9th, 909th, and 90,909th person gets a free copy of GV Mobile!

UPDATE: The first person to figure out what 90,909 means gets a free copy!
UPDATE 2: Being as my WIFE couldn’t even figure it out, I guess I’ll give a small clue. It is a DATE.

UPDATE 5: Bob figured it out! It is my birthday. Pretty sweet date, huh?

GVDialer != GV Mobile

GVDialer is NOT GV Mobile. As much as I hate giving this other app, publicity, I hate seeing people pay $10 thinking it’s my app, GV Mobile. My app, GV Mobile WILL BE $2.99 when it hits the App Store. For those curious, GVDialer ONLY dials via your Google Voice # – it has no SMS, voicemail, GV call history, etc. My free version will do what it does!

GV Mobile Free update…

I got an email from Apple today (Saturday – weird, I know) stating that GV Mobile Free would require unexpected additional time for review.” I guess I can understand the need for more time to review – I mean, GV Mobile Free is sooo (3 more o’s for extra sarcasm) technologically advanced that standard reviewing practices don’t apply. I expect a similar email to come Monday or Tuesday for GV Mobile premium…Enjoy the weekend folks!