GV Mobile is getting pulled from App Store

Richard Chipman from Apple just called – he told me they’re removing GV Mobile from the App Store due to it duplicating features that the iPhone comes with (Dialer, SMS, etc). He didn’t actually specify which features, although I assume the whole app in general. He wouldn’t send a confirmation email either – too scared I would post it. 🙂 I’ll see what I can do to get it back up there gang…

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  1. Yeah, I’m going to guess AT&T on this one. Lots of the standard features have apps that replicate them, but when you start getting into allowing people to make calls over VOIP..

  2. Google just released their Google Voice app for Android and blackberry and are promising an iPhone app soon. do you think this could be Google leaning on either Apple or AT&T to pull yours and pave the way for theirs?

  3. @Michael Reynaga This was my immediate assumption when I saw sean’s tweet. In either case it sucks. Your app has filled a vital role and enabled both Google Voice and iPhone adoption, at least for me. It sucks that they’re pulling it after all your hard work.

  4. yo that blows . . the political crap they can throw at someone . . hate to say it but I agree with Michael I wonder if google had anything to do with it?

  5. Well this sucks… I love GV Mobile. It is one of the best apps ever for iPhone.

    Will look forward to it in Cydia. At least it could be run in the background there and do a lot of things not possible in the App Store.

    What I don’t understand is why is it getting pulled now? They passed it before. Why this sudden change? There must be some other reason for pulling it besides that it replicates features. Maybe Google has something to do with it. I wonder if VoiceCentral (or whatever the other Google Voice app is called) will be pulled.

  6. Hiyas! That is some silly news… oh apple…

    i was about to purchase the app today ! Its still listed in the store… but wondering, to I buy it before they pull it, or would you consider cydia if they wont let it back in? Would rather buy it through Cydia if that might be a future option!

  7. I just don’t understand why Apple would want to lose potential profit, especially now that Google Voice has been let loose on the world.

  8. I just bought it.

    I don’t really need this program. But if it’s going to be pulled, I want a copy just in case I need it in the future. Plus I want to support your work. I’m a fan of your blog and work.

  9. I just purchased this app, as it’s still available in the app store. Looking forward to seeing it on Cydia!

  10. I haven’t use my GV account much at all yet, but since this looks like a great app, when I saw this story I checked on iTunes: It’s still there right now, so I purchased a copy. Being threatened by Apple that your app will be banned could be a good marketing strategy to drive up sales. At least until they acutally make in unavailble, then it’s just unmet demand. Now, what does unmet deman lead to? Gray & Black markets (such as jail-breaking iphones) and the bolstering of underdog competitors (such as Palm Pre & Android phones) Not smart, Apple.

  11. Just an update, as of 5pm you can see the app on the store on the iPhone, and you can try to buy it, however after entering password error message comes up saying it’s no longer available.

  12. I hope you can still publish your update, because I just bought the app to support you (and your ideas), and in case I ever get Google voice. You are helping to lead the charge in to the future, with VO3G, good luck with your next project, I can’t wait to buy that!

  13. Sean any chance you can host the update on your webpage. I am not sure how the hack for tethering was done (iphonehacks.com) but that download worked like a charm. Oh and by the way Apple at&t can suck a race horses booty hole for this one. Rock on Sean.

  14. Humm another reason to get a Palm Pre or Android phone.

    BTW I tried to buy your app but Apple wouldn’t let me

    Tortious interference with business relationships occurs where the tortfeasor acts to prevent the plaintiff from successfully establishing or maintaining business relationships. This tort may occur when a first party’s conduct intentionally causes a second party not to enter into a business relationship with a third party that otherwise would probably have occurred. Such conduct is termed tortious interference with prospective business relations, expectations, or advantage or with prospective economic advantage.

  15. Ugghh….. this arbitrary acceptance and rejection is really starting to irk me.

    If Apple is so worried about “duplicating functionality,” why have they allowed Sean not one but TWO applications with the same abilities, as well as multiple updates submitted which all passed the screen. Why is it that competing applications are still live on the store, but this one was pulled?

    I really hope Sean gets his app back on the store. Its incredible, and a perfect companion for Google Voice. I bought it the second I got my invite, and feel the $2.99 was more than worth the money.

  16. We’ll look forward to it on Cydia. I’m sure Apple is clearing the way for Google to release their “official” app.

  17. They are probably blocking the app because of the free sms it is capable of doing. I use google voice via the web page, which gives me the same feature access. Without features like direct contact dialing, you have to sync your contacts to your google contacts, dial via the web or text via the web, and it’s just not a seamless experience. I thought maybe dialing the google number, inserting pauses into the number, and then dialing the number that way, bouncing through their system.. but ugh.

    My complaint with the google voice system is that it does not spoof the number you’re receiving texts from or allow the option of spoofing incoming caller ID if you don’t turn on call screening.. kind of a mess and pointless to have my contacts saved on my phone, if I have to answer the phone just to hear who’s calling, or log into their app just to respond to texts.

    Things like responding to a text, or just selectively declining calls requires more hoops to jump through on the mobile side of things.

    I don’t know if the google voice app helps get around some of these quirks, but it would be nice and I would definitely jump on board for using google voice full time as my primary number.

  18. If this goes on Cydia, it’ll be the only reason why I jailbreak my iPhone. I think Apple did it mainly because of texting functionality. That’s $20 per month less for att for each person who has iphone plus google voice.

  19. Two reasons why I am glad there is a Blackberry in my pocket. I can actually run Google Voice and Latitude without someone deciding for me that I don’t want to.

  20. This is very anti competitive. I just sent Apple a letter! @Sean, let me know if there is anything I can do to help! -Michael

  21. Folks – let me put all this into perspective for you. This is strictly an AT&T and crApple decisions, so let’s not bring Google into the mix. Google will be releasing a free app, so they’re not competing with anyone.

    I realy do hope that crApple will soon realize their mistakes, and put those apps back in the store asap before it’s too late for them. That is a very bad business, and marketing decision.

    Here is the solution in case crApple does not reverse their decision.
    There is only 1 crApple, and many of us. Are you feeling me…?
    We’ll just return those criPhones, cancel our contracts, boycott those crIpple crApple products, and see who has the upper hands. That should teach them a lesson for life. Enough is enough.

    I look forward for the next release of GV Mobile wherever it may be.

    Shame on crApple, power to the people, and long live Google.

  22. @marc

    marc :

    My complaint with the google voice system is that it does not spoof the number you’re receiving texts from

    the reason why is because if it was spoofed to appear from your contacts number, then when you replied it would go back as your phone number and not your google number

    marc :or allow the option of spoofing incoming caller ID if you don’t turn on call screening.. kind of a mess and pointless to have my contacts saved on my phone, if I have to answer the phone just to hear who’s calling, or log into their app just to respond to texts.

    I have that exact feature turned on. For some callers in my address book, I have Call Presentation disabled because the caller id is spoofed and I already know who is calling.

    marc :
    Things like responding to a text, or just selectively declining calls requires more hoops to jump through on the mobile side of things.

    Just using a regular cellphone? Yes. But not with GV Mobile.

    marc :
    I don’t know if the google voice app helps get around some of these quirks, but it would be nice and I would definitely jump on board for using google voice full time as my primary number.

    GV Mobile seemed to solve all my problems I had, and I use i with my iPod touch and my RAZR2.

    After examining your comment, perhaps you should go double check your GV settings, because I found a lot of your complaints about missing features are actually now features.

  23. Aren’t these kind of decisions going to drive the “jailbreaking” of iPhones more and more? Seems goofy to me.

    That being said, you can continue to use the GoogleVoice mobile site which is useful but not likely as usable.

  24. I paid for the app when it was first released. I then upgraded the OS and did not back up. Now I can’t get it anymore =(

    Like all the others, I hope it goes on Cydia.

  25. YCF :
    Google will be releasing a free app, so they’re not competing with anyone.

    Uh, no, they won’t. I’m pretty sure that Apple won’t let the Google app see the light of day. I was holding out for the official Google app because GV SMS + push app (which Google can do much easier than Sean could) would be uberwin. But no, that much functionality would be too much win. I’m starting to regret buying a 3GS.

  26. @JakiChan
    My point was that Google was not the one behind that as some people suggested.

    crApple makes it very easy for anyone to regret buying any of their products. It’s not too late, we can still get rid of their products and be free from crApple’s wicked way of doing business. Let’s spread the word around.

  27. If that’s the logic they want to use – duplicating functionality – then you need to make sure they are also pulling all applications that have a primary function of sending an email or sending/receiving SMS, and all Dialer apps. Send them screenshots of other apps that perform those functions, along with screenshots of your application showing similar functions. If they want to play the “duplicate functionality” game – make them really play it.

    We all know this is crap, they know its crap – call them on it. Force their hand. They’re taking food off your table for no good reason.

  28. The decision is in our hands, we just need to team up to make it happen. Let teach crApple a lesson. Together we can.

  29. YCF :
    The decision is in our hands, we just need to team up to make it happen. Let teach crApple a lesson. Together we can.

    How? We’re already stuck with the hardware. I suppose if I quit and paid the ETF, then the $170 is more than AT&T paid Apple for the phone so I could hurt them that way…

  30. @Cody: You’re right, I did correct it with the call presentation, I just turned it off so it shows all of the caller id’s except for unknown callers, then it screens.

    L ike Brandon stated above, if it were to step in as the default messaging app, Is this the reason why AT&T called foul and forced/asked/b!tched enough to make Apple to pull it? Because it is allowing people to not pay their text messaging rates? Will the google voice app actually take place as the default messaging app (like biteSMS does) so when i do receive texts, i can text through them to show my google number?

    The problem with releasing it as a Cydia application, is that some/most jailbroken phones currently have push notifications borked. The people who activated with an AT&T sim, will have no problems as they have a unique id on the activation server, the rest of us who unlocked their sim to use on another network will be forced to use fetch, which may still hinder the experience. It’s a fine line, does Google say eff you to the folks that are jailbroken and using it on another carrier? or do they set up fetch to pull sms and you have delayed messages? Is the intended mode of operation expecting you to load the GV app whenever you want to text outbound, because they got forwarded to your cell notifying you and now you load a separate app to respond? if so, what’s the point? just use your direct mobile number for texts..

    The point is, do I want to trouble my people to have a crazy priority system for reaching me? I do love to text, and it’s pretty much the only way you can get a hold of me for non-work related stuff while i’m at work. Do I expect them to text me at one number, call me at another, which rings the same number they texted me at?

  31. Hey Sean, you may want to take a look at the program that is called MyPhone+. Its a Facebook Dialer that syncs with Facebook to retrieve your contacts photos. It has its own dialer and address book. The reason they didn’t list which features are duplicate is many other apps they offer include all the ones you do. Only difference is their app doesn’t necessarily pose a threat to mobile carriers potential profits. Google Voice a service they would prefer wouldn’t have ever happened.

    To top off feeling threatened by Google Voice, all carriers including partner T-Mobile are no doubt a bit worried about Google’s desire to purchase their own network frequencies in the 700 megahertz spectrum auction. Free phone numbers, and free US calling/SMS/Forwarding? What is Google’s next move? Free or very inexpensive unlimited mobile phone service and/or mobile internet to go with their OEM Android based phones and Google Chrome OS based netbooks? I’d love to fast forward time to see if I’m right 🙂

  32. Noooooo! I saw the lifehacker article, ran home to download it and it had already been yanked. Is there no legit way to get it loaded now? I grabbed the free version on Friday to test out with my new GV#. I didn’t think they would yank the app though? Does this mean Google will be releasing theirs soon? Lame lame. Oh well, great app regardless :(.

  33. @JakiChan
    There are many ways to solve this unfair practice going forward.

    You’re right, cancelling the contract which I already suggested. Then we can sell those criphones on ebay for more than that. Or use it with Tmobile with a cheaper plan. No more business for crApple and AT&T.

    We would stop using the app store for real unless they put those apps back asap.

    We’d boycott crApple’s products. Trust me, that would be more than enough, as they would feel the heat right away. But we have to team up to succeed. Plain and simple. Spread the word: youtude, twitter, etc.

  34. GV Mobile has been in the App Store since May. NOW after months Apple claims it discovers issue with duplicating features? There are many apps that actually do VoiP and social networking that have these so-called duplicating features!

    SO, this tells me the iPhone user that buys lots of apps that “AT ANY TIME APPLE FEELS LIKE AND THE WIND BLOWS A CERTAIN DIRECTION” they just may pull an app I use daily that I bought, I may end up with an orphan that will no longer be supported going forward. Meaning that the app I PAID for may not be updated anymore and may indeed stop working when Apple updates the iPhone OS!!!

    This is not a lot different than Amazon pulling ebooks off the Kindle!

    Makes me no have to wonder every time I buy an app in the App Store that I may be wasting my money in the long run. This practice will certainly lead to more people jailbreaking their phones, less developers wanting to do all this work for nothing, and less app sales.

    Palm, Android and RIM can now jump all over this! I would if I were them.

  35. What is wrong with Apple?
    I agree with Stephen, this is almost the same nasty trick that Amazon pulled on the Kindle. Books don’t need updates, but apps do!
    I’ll think twice before spending money on the App Store.

    If Apple is indeed pulling the app, they ought to refund everyone who bought it, out of their own pockets! It’s their decision after all.


  36. @Chad
    This is a must have app if you have Google Voice. Why do you need a refund? You’re lucky to have it. Some people tried to get it after the fact, but it was too late.

  37. So – if an app does totally unique stuff for an iPod Touch and some of those features have related features that are only available on an iPhone, then it is “redundant” ?! Not to me and not to my iPod Touch. Currious how Google will get their GV app approved for iPhone ?

  38. @YCF

    A refund may be necessary because how long will the app work? I got it today – is it going to work tomorrow? The next day? If it’s broken it can’t be fixed. I think I may want to get a refund until it’s sorted out. If it shows up as a for-pay jailbroken app will I get credit? Who knows. It’s not Sean’s fault at all – and I’ll wait a day or two and see if all the bad press matters (probably not, Apple and AT&T are soulless uncaring b’tards) but I wouldn’t blame anyone who wants a refund. You buy an app expecting it to be supported. This one can’t be, through no fault of it’s author.

  39. Currious how Google will get their GV app approved for iPhone ?

    They won’t. Check TechCrunch. It was rejected.

  40. Paid GV Mobile user here. This pisses me off like no other. You have to believe that AT&T requested this because Google Voice was replacing its SMS (a big cash cow for them) and also voice business.

    Well guess what AT&T, you just pissed off a bunch of people who pay you a lot of money. I will be jailbreaking my phone now (before I was on the fence) and will be sucking up a lot more DATA than I was previously, in addition to using a tether which you have been dragging your feet on.

    Also I will be removing my SMS plans (and I have 2 iPhones with you).

  41. Sean,

    Hang in there. You have a quality product and as we all know, if there’s a will there’s a way to get through this, regardless of what Apple decides. That’s the irony – Apple, created by hackers, has forgotten that the hackers will find a way to get around whatever barriers are erected to bring a good product/feature/service to the people.

  42. Due to the fact we are too ignorant to use this app, I have requested a refund from Apple.

    Sean, please put this in Cydia and I will be more than happy to purchase it there. Thank you for the wonderful app!

  43. What a perfect app pisses me off apple pulls such a great app. So do you think you will be able to get it back up with out having to change it to much ?

  44. No doubt its probably a good app, but as the author has said himself that if Google Voice changes he will try to suit the app for GV, but now that it is pulled, there’s no chance at me getting a non-jailbroken update, thus I am left with an unsupported app that I have had less than a week.

  45. and here everyone was saying I was lying when I said that the Google Voice app was rejected.

    You all know full well that since Google voice just gotten a lot more popular this would become a problem.

  46. wow, this is terrible. I wonder if this kinda thing is going to push for development for Google Voice in the jailbreak market. I would think it can be integrated into the phone much like BiteSMS integrates into the SMS feature, but what do I know I’m not a programmer.

  47. I don’t agree with what Apple is thinking. Although GV is a dialer, but it is completely different from what iphone’s dialer or SMS are. I believe there must be stories behind it like AT&T is forcing them takit it out because they are losing SMS business.

  48. My friend’s iphone app (update) was not approved stating that he allows URL to be checked and launches any site (including playboy) so he need to make the app rated to the highest to be considered. I was wondering why not boot Google, Safari and most other apps that could launch such sites! Apple does not have any answers. Probably they don’t care to answer to anyone either. I sincerely think there must be a competitor for any big giant monopoly. Otherwise we have to live with the shit they feed us!

  49. As an Apple stockholder, supporter, and iPhone owner (two) and developer – I’m very disappointed by Apple’s app policy and rejections. I don’t see any reason why this app should not be allowed into the store. I hope Apple reverses this decision and allows a more open app store policy.

    OTOH – I do have a comment for google as well: let’s face facts, google is now competing with Apple in key areas and that’s bound to piss some people at Apple off. Nevertheless, hurting Apple customers and Apple developers (if they’re improving the platform) is not the way to address that issue.

  50. Kovacs: Thanks for your good work. I think it’s plenty worth it as is. Further releases via Cydia would be nice for those that have unlocked. Or maybe even open-sourcing it :), merging or combining with Siphon, and offering virtual PBX service; or do an affiliate deal with one that exists (or do lots of affiliate deals). I’m assuming ATT won’t block access to the sub-domain?

    Buyer’s remorse folk: I’m sure if you just bought it and don’t like it, you could get a refund quite easily by contacting Apple. ATT has played “internet traffic judge” recently I’ve heard…

  51. Is there an email address or something like that that we can use to contact Apple to express our displeasure? This app store is starting to get crazy.

  52. Well, I think Google and Apple are to blame for this. Google submitted their own app which would have undoubtedly garnered vast amounts of press and attention to the Google Voice service as it is being opened to the public. Apple decides they don’t want the competition as Google’s product probably completely replicated the phone and voicemail functions of the iPhone adding voice transcription, push notification of voicemails and all. So Apple Denies them for duplicating functionality. Google protests that if they are duping functionality so is GV Mobile and VoiceCentral which have flown pretty well under the radar being as they aren’t GOOGLE and Voice is still pretty locked down. Apple says hey you know you are right google. Whats good for the Goose is good for the gander, we’ll just yank them all. And there it was…

  53. So, forget my earlier comment. Apple rejected Google’s official Google Voice app from the App Store too. What is Apple thinking?!

  54. I filed a complaint with the FTC against Apple and AT&T. I am a new Google Voice user and I am excited about what it can do. One big area I am hoping to use Google Voice for as it matures is my IT team’s on call schedule. Anyway, I just downloaded GV Mobile Free the other day so I could test Google Voice features on my iPhone. The clobbering of innovation and the effect it has on iPhone developers big and small is driving me crazy. Other than having a baby and a busy job, this is probably the reason I haven’t gotten very far with learning Objective-C and XCode. I have written to my senator a couple of times on these issues but this time I thought to take it to the FTC. If you support Net Neutrality, innovation in communication technologies, etc. please write letters to your Senators and Representatives on these issues and file a complaint with the FTC if you feel inclined.

  55. Apple is basically killing innovation. I hope developers worldwide dump Apple. And then apple will come to its senses.

  56. Well I guess I’ll take my iPhone back. Was falling in love with the device but I still have another 10 days to return it with no obligation. This kind of stuff from Apple makes me cringe and fear that others like the Palm Pre with a more open attitude will eat its lunch in the end. Oh well. Sorry this has happened to you man.

  57. Sean,

    As an avid supporter of GV Mobile, I urge you to take the advice that’s been given here and distribute your application throughout the worldwide community of many tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of “jailbroken” iPhone users via Cydia.

    Leaving Apple should allow you less restriction with GV Mobile and future apps. I would expect it to be more profitable as well, as you’ll have the ability to keep 100% of your earnings, rather than giving 30% of your time and money to Apple.

    You have a very useful tool here, which most definitely belongs amongst the many other powerful apps on the Cydia repos. Leave the “App Store” to their own, while they peddle crippled toys, eye candy and hamstrung trinkets.

  58. @Laurent Was so happy when I discovered a few days ago that Sean Kovacs had created the GV Mobile App that really made using Google Voice “Easy” on the IPhone. Very interesting that this “Expulsion” from the Apps Store of GV Mobile “Coincides” with the recent “EXPLOSION” of people receiving their Google Voice Invites. NBC Today Show did the Special on Google Voice but it was a couple of weeks after that the Invites started arriving HOT-N-HEAVY. AT&T could have gotten a FLOOD-OF-CALLS with people changing their Phone packages…Lets say maybe DROPPING-UNLIMITED TEXT MESSAGING.

    This very similar to the move AT&T did with the SlingPlayer Mobile for IPhone. They limited usage to ONLY WiFi and NOT 3G network. Think all the HOOP-La about Google Voice finally woke someone up at AT&T and they said “HEY” we better talk to are friends at Apple about this one..Impacts the “Bottom-Line”..

  59. @David
    Lets hope that Apple does not send a “Heat-Seeking-Missle” to KNOCK-OUT those that already have GV loaded. I just got this GV Mobile a few days ago…Was so happy to see that someone had created something that made using Google Voice less cumbersome on the IPhone. The job that Sean did was EXCELLENT. Some of the absolute BEST Apps in the World can’t get into the Apps store. Look at Qik..Live-Streaming on your cell phone…Can’t get into Apps Store. Really disappointed. Don’t think they will let Sean’s App back into the Apps Store because I think the FREE did not have SMS right ? Not good…

  60. This is not a joke folks. crApple has gotten away with too much, and this is a big slap in the face. They need to be stopped.

    crApple and AT&T started the war, now we’re going to take it to them.
    Together, we can surely defeat them.

    Let’s us boycott their products and services in every way until our demands are met.

  61. You should totally file a suit against Apple for this. This is totally, 100% anti-competitive behavior. How the heck is the little guy supposed to reliably support himself when Apple uses their monopolistic App Store with their totalitarian approval process to squash those that might compete with their core apps?

  62. I bought the premium GV Mobile app the day it went out, after watching Sean’s struggle with Apple’s approval process, and obviously am happy with the app. However, I understand why this happened – Apple shares profits of its carrier partners, and once mainstream users figure out a way to easily cut their SMS and voice bills using a service like Google Voice, that’s bad news for the wireless providers bottom line.

    Think about how much potential profit the music industry lost when it allowed Apple to build up an extremely profitable iPod business on the back of music-industry supported iTunes. Apple (and AT&T) see the potential for Google Voice to do the same thing to them, so why should they help it along.

    That said, you can’t stop innovation, only slow it down. People love the iPhone, but they don’t love paying $100 a month for service. They’ll find a way to use Google Voice, whether it’s via Web app or jailbreak.

  63. Sean, put your app up in the jailbreak community. I’m sure you weren’t happy about pirates before, but now that you can’t even sell your app, what is the difference?

    Look like you won’t even be having competition from Google. And there are monetary opportunities in the Cydia store.

  64. @Matt G Incorrect. Apple did share some of the earnings from AT&T and other partners with the first iPhone, but since the iPhone 3G a year ago, Apple no longer receives a dime from your service plan. That is 100% going to your carrier.

  65. For the people who already have GV mobile on there phone. If we jailbreak will the version that we have from our backup be able to update via cydia.

  66. If apple won’t change its policy… put it on cydia. This is stupid, I wonder how much of the decision was an AT&T choice. Apple needs to dump them and let them suffer with other products… Apple has made them a boat load and they still fail miserably.

  67. Wow! I can’t believe Apple/AT&T pulled this. What B/S?! I surely hope you decide to offer this through cydia in the future.

  68. i’d pay for a jailbreak version in the cydia store, also.

    i already paid for it. great app. i’d pay for it again. screw apple.

  69. Google needs to make this a web app and pull support for anything done through itunes until Apple stops pulling this crap.

  70. How do we create enough noise for Apple to hear? This is getting out of hand. This app was approved and now isn’t approved *WITHOUT* changes to its functionality?! I’m confused. And bitter, given I bought this app 2 weeks ago.

    $3 isn’t much but the issue is about trust and confidence. Or rather the lack of it.

    Way to inspire trust and confidence in your app store, Apple, by continuing the practice of removing any app on a whim, even after being accepted for months.

    BTW – AT&T should *not* be charging for SMS on IPhone anyways, given they still don’t support MMS (wtf!)

  71. Has anyone experienced the App no longer working since its removal from the App Store? I can’t see how Apple would go that far and if they did I’d say a move like that is very actionable.

  72. Problem with asking for a refund is that Sean gets hit for $2.99 — not just the 70% commission he would have received. Sean literally gets screwed, as do we–the consumers. Apple and AT&T have some fucking nerve…

  73. This is amazing, just moved 4 lines and 4 iphones from VZW to AT&T for all the apps and now they remove one on my main apps. NOT COOL. Just passed my 30days too. If AT&T and Apple do this, might as well move back to VZW and get another Blackberry and use Qik, Google Voice etc….not cool AT&T and Apple, not cool.

  74. First, thanks Sean for a such a high quality product. I enjoy using GV mobile everyday talking to my girlfriend overseas and it has been working wonderfully over last 2 months.
    Now, I am pissed after I heard your app got pull and Apple reject the official Google Voice App as well.. What’s wrong with these ppl? I can understand why they block SlingPlayer cuz that app does indeed use alot of bandwidth. I don’t understand the logic banning GV. When I call through GV, I still use AT&T cell minute. So this just boiled down to AT&T GREED. They want to charge an arm and leg for long distance rate. Screw them, this is not 1980s when they can charge $2.0 per minute!
    Sean, please release the app on Cydia, I will totally buy it.

  75. Apple did the right thing. The app was crap and was full of bugs. Apple actually did us a favor by pulling this. It does not surprise me.

  76. Google Voice was rejected as well.

    Please release it on Cydia. Your other “legal” avenues have been cut off. I will happily pay for the app. I (unfortunately) delayed in anticipation that Google Voice would be released, but that isn’t happening.

  77. I don’t claim to be an expert on AT&T-Apple contracts, but when Apple sells me a subsidized iPhone for $199/$299, I think it’s fair to say that part of my service plan over the next 2 years is going to pay for the subsidy. AT&T may in fact be paying that subsidy to Apple upfront, but at the end of the day, part of your monthly bill is going to back to Apple. My point is that Apple realizes this, and doesn’t want to support a service that is a threat to this revenue stream, or next time their carrier partner won’t be willing to subsidize the initial purchase as much.

    Again, I’m no expert. Just my take on the matter.

  78. Well, things just got worse people.

    Apple apparently told Google to stop the development of Google Voice for iPhone (the official app from Google).

    The reason: AT&T!!!!


  79. Can anyone tell me why ringcentral & the AT&T branded ringcentral app is still in the app store. I’m serious, search ringcentral and tell me what that app doesn’t do that allows it to stay in the app store. I’ll be busy jailbreaking my iphone.

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  81. alchemistmuffin :
    Well, things just got worse people.
    Apple apparently told Google to stop the development of Google Voice for iPhone (the official app from Google).

    Well, no, things didn’t “just” get worse. If you’d bother to read you’d see that we mentioned this a few pages back. (Also covered by TechCrunch a while ago with an official quote and everything.) You didn’t add any news.

    As a correction, however, they didn’t tell apple to “stop development”. Google submitted the app to Apple 6 weeks ago. They have now admitted that Apple rejected it. I thought the NDA required Google to not reveal that, but I guess they can get away with it.

    I wonder if this recent string of stupidity by Apple (first Latitude, now this) is why Google hasn’t updated the Google Mobile app. I guess it used some undocumented API stuff to handle the “start recording when you bring it up to your face” stuff, and it broke in 3.0. Google said they’d be fixing it but it is still broken. I wonder if Google is just saying “f that” to iPhone apps. If I was them I would.

  82. There are so many other apps that duplicate. Such as Truphone, Skype, Textfree.

    But even your dialer is not the same dialer as on the iPhone. SMS is not even push SMS. Basically we all just know that AT&T is just doing this because them and or Apple want to control everything.

    Reading about this and that they are also blocking the App from Google is making me think abotu quiting AT&T and going back to Sprint. My wife and I left Sprint to go with AT&T because of the iPhone but maybe not now. This is BS that I can’t run the apps I want to on my phone. We are paying about $50 more per month then what we were with Spring and getting a lot less then we were before.

  83. This really annoys me! I was trying out your free app which I was really impressed with. I was procrastinating on buying the full version and now it isn’t there. Damn you apple and at&t >:(

  84. Dude…. Cydia. Go for it. If Apple doesn’t let you back into the app store I will more than willingly pay for the application on Cydia.

  85. This is very disappointing and does not reflect well on Apple in my opinion. I have already purchased your app and am using it. Will it continue to work or are they going to do an Amazon and remotely disable the app on my iPhone?

  86. Well… you can be sure this is due to ATT… Blood thirsty bandwidth-overselling monkeys… After one too many dropped call I finally switched to Pre + Sprint and (in NYC) the service is SO MUCH better. Google maps is actually usable! No dropped calls, crystal clear sound… “The S is for speed” yeah… right… like a super fast computer on a dialup… very useful…

    @dev: I’m sure Palm would love to have your app on their empty store 😉 I’d certainly buy it, and I’d say the ratio of geek Palm Pre users is pretty high so I’m most likely not the only one with a gvoice account… And it will keep you busy while fighting Apple to try and get the iPhone version back up.

    Would appreciate if you could let us know f you’re considering/planning etc a Pre version… even an unofficial “maybe” or “definitely not” would be useful to get a feel for what might happen…


  87. Go cydia now Sean. Since Apple doesn’t seem to have a clue with regard to the actual functionality of the GV mobile app you might as well bundle a VOIP client with push functionallity for GIZMO built into the app so that you can remove AT&T out of the equation. This is total BS

  88. Sean,

    What can we do to protest against this. Who do we contact? Apple? ATT? Let us know because this is just ridiculous. We still use ATT mins to make and receive calls. This shouldn’t have been blocked. Note to APPLE:


  89. Time to go to Cydia – Your apps seemed to be most advanced, and now Google won’t be releasing something, nows’ your choice to capture the (jailbroken) market.

  90. I was hesitant to jailbreak my iPhone. I think that this apps, along with Qik and a couple of others may push me to jailbreak.

  91. You don’t need to jailbreak to install non-app store apps. You just need someone with a developer certificate who can sign the app for you and deploy it using XCode.

  92. This is definitely Apple trying to control everything, not so much AT&T. AT&T Blackberries handle 3rd party apps just fine, including Google Voice. Apple is the problem here, as they always have been. Even going back to the old Apple II computers, they’ve been anti-developer. Behind the marketing facade that paints them as cool & hip, Apple’s really more right-wing, big brother corporate than anyone.

  93. I am sick of the bullshit that has consumed Apple Inc. I have worked for Apple for over 11 years and let me tell you, that with Schiller in the mix, things have gone from so so to total shit. The company has completely lost the cool factor and I am in the process of looking for a new employer with less corporate greed and higher emphasis on CUSTOMERS. Yes, Apple seems to have forgotten that it is the CUSTOMERS who bring them their revenue.

  94. AT&T and Apple know with certainty that you WILL continue to use the iPhone and pay your AT&T bill and new subscribers will continue to buy in by the thousands.
    Just shut up and keep giving AT&T you money because they know that you will and they own your phone. The contract you agreed to legally binds you to pay them no matter what and the contract language allows them to change anything they want at any time and for any reason. Oh and guess what!? You agreed that you have no legal right to sue them for anything they do wrong.
    Anyone who agrees to a cell phone contract is basically stating that they are a complete idiot so stop complaining and pay your bill before AT&T sues YOU for defamation.

  95. Thanks for all your hard work Sean. I’m a paying customer and I appreciate it. I’ll check cydia for updates.
    My last iPhone. Such a shame, it is a great device with so much blocked potential.

  96. Even though Sean’s GV application did not work on my iPhone I am joining the crowd to condemn Apple and ATT for blocking Google Phone. It is not working on my iPhone AT ALL. What a monsters those companies are!! I will move to an Android phone next week.

  97. So let me get it right:

    -Apple gets 30% of the profit and there is no way to install an app independently. This means that every developer becomes a partner with apple
    -Apple can shut down your business any time they want (like dark room, red lazer, now you etc)
    -You need to get their approval about what you can run in YOUR phone (you paid and you are paying monthly for it)…

    FUCK APPLE. We pay monthly for our phones, you get 30% without doing anything and you still piss developers.

    We need an open phone that allows users to install things directly from the developer.

  98. All those comments are great in support for GV Mobile, and for Sean. But we need action to solve this crisis.

    We all need to call AT&T and Apple customer service to express our discontentment for their decisions.

    Cancel our contracts, and use those unlock criPhones with T-Mobile.

    Boycott crApple and AT&T products and services.

    Complain to the FTC http://www.ftc.gov/ this practice is illigal.

    Start a class action lawsuit against crApple and AT&T.

    That will surely teach them a lesson for life.

    Together we can.

  99. Ahh… You should have recorded the call using Google Voice! That would have been awesome 🙂

    Well Cydia is waiting for you! We will buy the app if reasonable priced. I will even review your app and send you many customers, how about that?

  100. WTF??? I was having problems connecting with GV Mobile today so I thought I would just uninstall it and reinstall. Obviously I’m a PC guy, other than my iPhone. I uninstalled it then went to the app store and couldn’t find it. Now I see this! That’s just fucking great! I’m assuming that when I get home I can sync to iTunes and get it back on my phone…..I hope!! This is the first time since I’ve been an iPhone owner that I don’t want to be. This really pisses me off.

  101. Well I love GV very much. I can save money on SMS and Cell minutes. It is very useful App. I’m very upset that apple kick out GV. Now I’m planning to jailbreak my Iphone cause Apple and Greedy AT&T have many restrictions on iphone users. That’s not fair.

  102. All this speculation pointing at AT&T being the culprit behind the removal of the app got me thinking… Anybody know if AT&T has gone after anyone for the development or release of apps for the Blackberry phones? Those seem to still be readily available.

  103. Richard Chipman appears to be the “Apple Angel of App Death.” He called us a little while ago about our applications with an odd issue that we resolved right there on the phone with him. We left voicemail to see what the status was but he never called back. The apps magically appeared a few days later but, again, no heads up at all. Very strange way to do business.

  104. So I have used Seans GV iphone app for a month and absolutely love it. The call quality for international calls far exceeds AT&T call quality for direct international calls, and is obviously less expensive. I still use text messaging directly on the phone… not sure why but Im sure its just a comfort factor with the existing text app on the iphone.

    I have replaced Vonage with MagicJack (and a dedicated “bone-pile” pc) at home and am front-ending my “home” number with GV. I have also changed my “professional” number to a second GV number. I setup GV to direct calls to my office and mobile. It works great. I am a huge fan of GV, but Seans GV for iphone is a pivotal feature of my new “phone system”. I might consider Jailbreaking if the app gets deleted from my phone at the next sync.

    GV – two numbers to rule them all: “Home” and “Professional”.

  105. I was enjoying GV Mobile on my iPod Touch, and there is no duplication of features there. After 31 years as an Apple customer and software developer, with a good understanding of how they operate, I have no doubt that the problem is AT&T. The relationship with AT&T is now becoming a net liability. It’s time for Apple to move on, we don’t need AT&T anymore.

    For anyone holding a position in AT&T, I’d recommend selling it now because the T share price is going to crash when the Verizon announcement comes.

  106. Wow…if I could change carriers and still have the iPhone…I would.

    Google voice still depends on the carrier’s service. So…what is the gripe with AT&T? If they’re complaining because of free texting with Google Voice, then that’s stupid. We pay TOO much for texting with AT&T anyway.

  107. @Matt G
    AT&T is already guaranteed at least $75/month (2-year contract minimums: $40 voice, $30 data, $5 mms). That’s plenty of coin to retire the subsidy.

    Moreover, given all the congestion on AT&T’s network they should be worrying about delivering on their promises rather than undermining subscriber options.

  108. This is terrible to hear. Apple has lost my support. To retaliate, I will be streaming music to my phone so there is constant data going to my phone. Let’s see how much unlimited really is.

  109. Crap. I check your site every 3-4 days for news hoping to see that push is coming. Then I see this. I have been a long time Apple customer and now the give me (not to mention Sean) the shaft. Bad move Apple.

  110. Yes please do release this as a Cydia Store app. And possibly add some form of notification service to it. The Backgrounder app should help get around the lack of connection to Google’s servers.

  111. hey there.. my name cory,,, i just got my email invite and setup my account today…but theres no app on the iphone anymore as of the today 7/31/09 at 10:30pm.. it would great if u could get back to me on some info on it and tell me what to do..i already got number i just need the app..try your best to get it back

  112. Have you thought of resorting to creating an app that has the functionality hidden, but could be unlocked via secret gesture combination? Just a thought.


  113. @Scott
    That wouldn’t work. in order for people to use it, he would have to tell them how, which would result in apple finding out and pulling it again.

    If it’s important enough to you, Jailbreak and install it from there.

  114. I have the app from back when it was “legally” in the app store, but lately it keep giving me a login error. Could Apple somehow have disabled it? If so, I’m going to be pretty upset since I actually paid for it. If Apple has disabled it, they’d better give me a refund.

  115. Same thing happened to me and a friend who both had since it was “legal” and we both paid for it as well, any other news on it?

  116. Same thing for me. I legally bought this App and now I’m getting login errors. Interested in any new word on this or how to fix it. Although I like the idea of jailbreaking the iPhone, I guess it screws up warranty and Apple support. I hate this policy as seem to have to live with it. Any ideas on how to fix the GV App login problem?

  117. Me too. Just like everyone else, iPhone 3Gs locked down and legit purchase. I was using this for my business and now I have to go back to logging onto the website. Can anything be done?

  118. For all those with problems. Jailbreak your iPhone. Be sure you have the latest 3.1.2 firmware installed. Search for Black Rain and watch a you tube demo. It takes 2 minutes. Then download GV Mobile from Cydia and donate to Sean.

    Yes, I purchased GV Mobile on the App Store legit but a JailBreak is your only option now that Google required login changes to be made.

    Really, it is really simple.

  119. I also bought paid good money for the app long ago. Nothing I could do when it was pulled but I want to know what happened recently that now tells me my login is not correct when I am positive it is?

    Apple, you got my money as a percentage of the sale. if you pull an app that you approved you then owe me and anyone who paid for it a refund. Class action? I know it is only a small amount but it is Bullshit that Apple approved it collected their money then decided to take it back and never even considered a refund option.
    Oh by the way Apple, that is why I use Blackberry now you Asswipes. Sorry Sean, you can keep my money. You deserve the money for the work you did.

  120. Why did Google change the logon? It’s one thing for Apple to pull the app, but for those of us who legally bought it, before Apple slit it’s throat, we could still use it. So, why did Google feel the need to add insult to (Apple’s) injury?

  121. Here’s a great set up. I love this one, I think you will too:
    you need 4 things:
    1) jailbroken iPhone (blackra1n does it in like 30 sec.)
    2) Cydia source (hackulo.us) and install “Installous”
    3) Internet/Data connection
    4) the peace of mind knowing all your apps are free now. Apple sucks with how they run the iPhone. Let’s stop buying!!

    I just found out my “notifications” application is going to make me PAY for updates, after I already paid $3 for the app already. I’m done with apple’s policies and insider developers

  122. Why did Google change the logon? It’s one thing for Apple to pull the app, but for those of us who legally bought it, before Apple slit it’s throat, we could still use it.

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