Refund…How about store credit?

If you truly want to take money out of Apple’s pockets, do what Dave did!

Here’s what I did.. This hurts **APPLE** and not Sean! I called up apple corporate offices and told them that I want my money back as “compensation” — NOT as a refund. I was very specific that I did not want a refund on the app; that I wanted APPLE to cover my cost. They ended up crediting my account for 5-free song downloads, (Yes, it was pathetic, but, it’s something.. and it’s something that won’t hurt Sean, but DOES cost Apple money).

I spoke to Robert Barger @ Apple Corporate care. You can reach him at 512-674-2500 x 40267. Give him a call and let him know how you feel about what happened…

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  1. Whatever you guys do, please DO NOT ASK FOR A REFUND. This only hurts Sean, but not apple.

    Here is what you do once your GV Mobile paid version stops working for whatever reason, or you need to update:

    Jailbreak your phone, and download the App from Cydia for free. After that, you will be able to get updates for newer versions.

    Remember the App is free, so please remember to donate so development and enhancements to GV Mobile can continue.

    Thank you.

  2. Great post… If/when my GV Mobile app stops working on my non-jailbroken iPhone I will NOT seek a refund and will contact Apple using the method posted. It’s still working for me, so I’m not going to stop using it and as far as I’m concerned $3 is a bargain no matter how long I get out of it.

  3. Does anyone know if Apple is going to force delete GV Mobile from the iPhone? I love the app and share everyone’s outrage. I want to make sure that the next time I sync GV Mobile is not somehow removed from my iPhone by Apple.

    Has anyone had this problem? Thanks.

  4. Is there a good guide anywhere for how to jailbreak the 3GS and get going with cydia…I’ve been looking online but it’s all very tech-y and confusing.

  5. Email I sent to Apple below.

    To whom it may concern,

    I wanted to express my deepest concern & disappointment over the removal of Google-Voice-enabled applications from the app store (namely GV Mobile) and the blocking of the official Google Voice app.

    I have been an iPhone owner since the original release 2 years ago and have twice upgraded my device (to the 3G and again recently to the 3GS). Attached to the device is the number I give to all my friends & personal contacts (my “home” number, so to speak)

    I am also a small business owner and have been using Google Voice to ring both my office phone (where I can rarely be reached) and my cellphone (which I carry with me all the time). This allows me to pick up business calls on my iPhone without sharing my *personal number* with a number of business contacts.

    Contrary to the public opinion/fear, Google Voice (via GV Mobile) in this case actually *increased* my usage of the iPhone and my usage of both incoming & outgoing voice minutes. I still call/SMS all my friends using the 650-xxx number associated with my device and use the Google Voice account to accept/send calls as my business.

    The removal of Google Voice enabled applications from the App Store has now forced me to get *another cell phone* to carry around. As a result, I now carry/pay for another device (a hefty cost for a small business owner). I can guarantee you that this device is neither Apple nor AT&T – A Blackberry Tour on Verizon, to be precise: probably not the way you want your loyal customers trending…but such is the outcome of decisions made.

    Further, I am also – as a hobby / part-time business – an iPhone application developer who has paid yearly for my developer account and tended to my (less than attention grabbing but still relatively successful) application. Your recent moves to block applications to be published to the store (or worse, to pull them after many months of activity – as was the case for GV Mobile & VoiceCentral), has made me reconsider my desire to be part of this developer community.

    I am all for a gauntlet to pass prior to publishing applications, but the rules to “pass” said gauntlet have to be 1. clear, 2. final (once you’re approved…), and 3. designed to prevent a set of malicious actions (device instability, child pornography, hate & other crimes, etc…). Of course, you *can* use this mechanism to block things willy-nilly, but don’t be surprised if businesses and individuals asked to spend significant (sometimes personal) time/cost/effort on applications without knowing the rules of engagement will choose to develop to another platform.

    With the hope that these issues will get resolved promptly.

    A previously delighted iPhone customer & developer, now much less so.

    Yan-David Erlich

  6. Well, after spending half an hour with Apple technical support, I have my five-song credit as well. Just call 1-800-275-2273.


    No, Apple did not pull the kill switch. GV Mobile is still running on my iPod touch. I actually used it to place the aforementioned call to Apple.


    First of all, there is nothing at Second, there is no evidence of any of the Google Voice content (e.g., messages) being offered in RSS streams. If you want, Google Voice will e-mail or SMS you when new voicemails arrive.


    Since you had to ask, jailbreaking is clearly not for you but from what I can tell (I haven’t jailbroken my iPod touch), you download some software and you click the “Next” button three times. Good luck.

  7. @Jay
    Your good man…Apple with not force delete of the app. It will just not be available for any updates or anybody to purchase.
    If you really want to be safe go into your iTunes folder > Mobile Applications and copy the GV Mobile .ipa file and make a backup to a safe place on your hard drive =)

  8. @mula
    They probably won’t pull the app, this is true. But apple does have a built in kill function. It’s actually one reason I jailbreak my phone. I just use the sbsettings app to stop apple’s killswitch.

  9. Sadly I asked for a refund. 🙁 I do not buy music from iTunes anyway (only I feel that is poor of Apple to stick the developer with the refunds since Apple chose to change their minds. However, I will most certainly be jailbreaking my 3GS iPhone (as I have done with my original) and getting the app from Cydia. Then I will pay via PayPal for the app so that the developer gets his due. Great app, keep up the good work! And might I suggest a “Favorites” list that is like phone apps (or if you can pull it from there better).

    Hopefully Apple will feel the pain of all the bad press, refunds, credits and maybe a lawsuit or two (again the developers should not be saddled with this since they did nothing wrong – period!) and change their minds and allow Google Voice back.

    Have Fun!

  10. Do not accept any kind of compensation like a free song download, people. The reason they will offer this is because it is proof that you have accepted a free song as settlement for this. If there ends up being a class action suit claiming damages, YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE, as you have already “settled” your case. Wait to see how the smoke settles – you may end up getting on a bigger lawsuit bandwagon, and I think that either way you’d end up getting more than 5 free songs.

  11. Also, quite frankly, you shouldn’t be telling people to not get refunds. People should get their money back. Granted, it’s not Sean’s fault and it sucks that he has to suffer, but it isn’t the consumer’s fault either. If you get it to run on a jail-broken iPhone, send Sean some money, but otherwise I think it is entirely fair to demand your money back from Apple. Sorry, man.

  12. okay..
    i just bought a new ipod shuffle 3rd generation yesterday.
    i dont like this ipod at all.
    can i give it back and get my money refunded?

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