GV Mobile + Approved

After a long year and a half of being home sick, GV Mobile (+) makes an epic return to the App Store. The app is still propagating to all the servers, so it may take a bit before it shows up. Here is the direct link: GV Mobile +. I’ll be blowing away some promo codes via Twitter (@seankovacs) once I get them AND if #gvmobile trends on Twitter, I’ll set that bad boy to free for the night.

I am truly EAGER to help you guys having issues with the app. I have near real-time response for people with issues. Just hit me up via email. Try it… πŸ˜‰

Question: I bought this on Cydia, why am I having to buy it AGAIN!?!! >:|??

You don’t. Next Saturday night, it will go FREE for the night for all my Cydia folks.

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  1. I downloaded it … Crashes everytime i start the app on my ipad …. Anyone else having this prob ? … The app is unusable

  2. @marshallbu

    Well on the itunes store is says that the app is compatible with iphone, ipod touch and the ipad … If the ipad is not compatible i suggest they remove that .. Its missleading

  3. Make sure you aren’t getting GV Connect vby accident. Different app, different developer. It isn’t terrible but pales in comparison to GV Mobile+

  4. Anonymous :
    Make sure you aren’t getting GV Connect vby accident. Different app, different developer. It isn’t terrible but pales in comparison to GV Mobile+

    I have gv mobile +. …. πŸ™

  5. how long does it take usually for apps to get through to the end user once its approved, its been about 3 hours since it got approved, is this normal ???

  6. Good luck Sean. I have been using GV since before Google bought Grand Central and loved how your application worked on my first iPhone. I’m eager to load it on my phone and hope that it’s been updated/improved since the original version…which I loved BTW.

  7. @Skilly iTunes exists as many different online stores, so you can sell things in one country but not another. I guess that’s because of export laws or something. I think the whole US store will get it at once, whenever it happens. Whereupon he’ll get the promo codes because they only apply on that store.

  8. This AppStore version will basically be the same as the paid Cydia release? But with the update for native Push notifications? Were there any other changes?

  9. I have GV Mobile + that I bought through Cydia. Does anyone know if the App Store version is any different? And if not, will the Cydia version get new updates as they come along?

  10. So unless I’m lucky enough to get a free promo code or a night where it’s free for everyone, the gv mobile I paid for is still useless to me and I’m expected to pay a second time if I want this application. Why are people who already paid for this expected to pay again. It’s not a lot of money but it’s more the principal of the matter. Why should apple get a second cut of the money. I was super psyched but now I’m not so sure. Help me understand how this is fair?

  11. @Steve
    Principal = first in order of importance OR the person with the highest authority or most important position in an organization, institution, or group
    Principle = a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning

  12. If you’ve purchased GV Mobile + through Cydia, I assume any updates of this will require Cydia. I’m just worried that if I have an un-jailbroken phone in the future, I will lose GV+ Mobile for this reason even though the same app is available in the AppStore.

  13. Is it close to being released? I’m following on Twitter in hopes of being one of the lucky ones to get GV Mobile+ for free. I am new to twitter and not sure if I’m even on the right page to get the promo code, fingers crossed!!

  14. I can’t fucking believe we had to wait so long because of a mistake Sean made. Dude, you have to post way more than 20 promo codes now. WTF

  15. Hey Sean just a heads up, I got it from the canadian appstore and i am getting magic key errors when trying to sign in with my account. just letting you know.

  16. Well at this point I’d settle for it showing up in the US store. If I miss out I’ll just buy it. It’s only $3…that’s less than a DQ Blizzard. πŸ™‚

  17. @JakiChan

    There must be thousands trying to save a buck! LOL. I tried for fun and refreshed the page right before they were posted. I literally copied and pasted all 5 to try to redeem them in under 10 seconds but was too late. They were gone that quick! I’ll just purchase or wait a week. πŸ™‚

  18. Well he should obviously make it free for the night at least since it was his carelessness that the US store was not selected. It would be the least that he could do πŸ™‚

  19. @Anonymous

    So I waited again and this time the codes popped right up in front of me on the refresh. I tried them all within seconds. They didn’t work. Maybe Sean didn’t check USA for code redemption? LOL

  20. Please save some codes for us that do not have it in the US store yet–or email me one—I will promote you heavily in our group-EmpowerMac.com
    Thanks–and glad to see you back

  21. 20 fucking codes. For a 7+ hour wait at the mistake of the developer himself. Real generous fucking guy that Sean is.

  22. @law12

    I’m not getting invalid, I’m getting it’s already been used once type of message. So it’s valid, just didn’t have my God Speed Hack on.

  23. Can you just email me a code? I don’t even see the app yet! He’ll, you even wrote an entire blog entry about how I got apple to “refund” your app in song credits with the guys phone # at apple. All so you wouldn’t lose a few bucks. πŸ™‚

  24. Man…you guys have NO idea what’s involved in putting this out. I can’t count the number of nights working till 4AM getting this ready for you guys. And you shit on me because I can’t release it for free? Pfft. If you want it for free AND you bought it on Cydia, wait a week and you’ll get it for free. Life isn’t free man.

  25. Sean from one developer to the next I can appreciate your hard work and effort put it to this. Tell your wife I said thanks to because she has to put up with what you put up with as well. Tampa representing! πŸ™‚

  26. Hi,
    I don’t see the app in app store..any clue where to find the app, free code is entirely different issue (I remember Sean saying that he would make app free for tonite if there is trend on tweet)

  27. This is just proof that too many people are getting too bent out of shape for no reason at all. In the end, it’s Sean’s app and he shall do with it what he pleases. Everyone just needs to chill the hell out and realize that he busted his ass to bring this app back after being shit on by Apple last year. Glad to see it back and that Apple is slowly becoming less anal retentive.

  28. Love seeing this blow up on Twit. Too bad no one but us have been smart enough to follow Sean all along here on the blog. WTG Kovacs. Well deserved.

  29. @sean
    I can’t wait for it to show up for me in the App Store. I will be investing in the App for a second time. It was a perfect app when I downloaded it before it was pulled the first time around. I really appreciate all the work and time you have invested in to making this an awesome app and feel that you deserve every dollar you make.

  30. Sean can we get confirmation that the free codes for the night have concluded? My wife wants me to go to bed now. πŸ™‚

  31. @Sean Pretty excited about GV Mobile making back to the iPhone. Had the original and am looking forward to the new version. Ignore the trolls.

  32. @David
    well said man, these people pay 200+ for a phone (500+ for the ones complaining about it not working on their ipads, when it needs a DAMN PHONE TO WORK), 100+ per month for service, and then whine and complain about 3 bucks… none of these idiots know what a chore the development process is, nor do they have any common sense

    if 3 bucks is too much (or you want to use it on your ipad), use the DAMN MOBILE WEB VERSION AND STFU

  33. @George

    @George – not really. I am excited about this app mainly because i have not used by Google Voice for over a year. I would want to start using it. I also was letting everyone know that Sean may open up the app for free tonite so my RANT πŸ™‚

  34. My God some of you people are utterly shameless… you’re bitching over $3 (or $6 or $9) after all the work that goes into making an app? Do you think this is going to make him a millionare or something?? You people really disgust me. Post your home addresses and I will personally come over and teach you what the real world is like.

  35. People, stfu. If you don’t want to buy it, get the cracked version (which will be out in a bit after it’s released).

    Either buy it or download the crack version, just stfu already.

  36. It’s not the point of it being $3 fucking dollars. The point is Sean hyped the fuck out this app and the promo code give away, only to 7+ hours later say “WHOOPS clicked the wrong button for teh USA” and laugh about it. That unapologetic behavior right there shits on all of us who tried to trend for him and waited. So, giving out way more than 20 promo codes or making it free for today would have been the noble route IMO. But really, he could give out 50 and my luck I still wouldn’t snatch it in time, so fuck this shit. I will pay for it as soon as it actually shows up in the app store. FUCK.

  37. @wow. Just stfu lol. If you don’t like what he did, don’t support his ass and pay for the app.
    Download the crack version.

  38. i look forward to getting the app, but i wasn’t able to use any of the promo codes. kept getting weird errors or my iphone told me to sign on (over and over again). what’s $3 anyway.

    for the record, all of you in the thread who are going to download the cracked version, or who are bitching that the app is “expensive”, i really can’t believe you. it’s a freaking cup of coffee.

  39. Well some of us that have already bought this 2 times (3 in my case because the license in Cydia didn’t carry over right when I changed to a new phone) don’t really see why we have to wait a week longer. It’s like we’re being punished because we’ve bought it before.

  40. @ Sean

    Can not make calls, get the error stating phone Missing phone and there is no place to add a number in the settings in the app. The phone to ring is enabled and saved on the web on google voice settings

  41. No dice. Bought it for 3 bucks. Can’t dial if i used online mode it just sits there like a rock if i used offline it just calls my Google voice numbers and starts entering tones while it is still rinnging my other phones. and yes my iphone is a on the list of phones to call. If i start a call from the Google webapp on my iphone or start the call from my the page on my pc it works fine.

  42. I would love to pay for the app, but Apple has had issues with its iTunes account securities lately, with people losing loads of money to Chinese hackers.

  43. Don’t listen to the haters. People are such bitches behind the keyboard. Thanks Sean for busting your ass to get this out. I was more than happy to buy it.

  44. I still cant find it on my phone or desktop…..I really want to download this free or paid. still has not hit the store….

  45. @JOSH

    Did you click the link above – post #27? That will open up iTunes and take you right to it, if you are in the US. Google Voice only works in the US.

    Note this won’t run on the iPad, but Sean just posted a bit ago that a fix for that has been submitted so a free update available soon will fix that problem.

  46. Just bought the app from the store. It is nice. I haven’t really used my GV number at all since I was waiting for a GV app. The web version of GV on Google’s site is okay, but your app, finally makes the GV service worth using; to me. Thanks!

  47. @Sean – Magic key error was fixed by disabling the Multiple sign-on.. But, for the app to work with it, does it require a new version? Or, does the app go through your server to communicate with Google (and, therefore, you can fix it on your end)?

    Loving GVMobile, but, wish it’d work with MSO

    One other request: add some buttons on the contact page (like in the Apple contacts app) to initiate a Text Message, “Add to Favorites” and “Share Contact” (if possible?). And, showing an email address (that opens the mail.app) would be a nice extra too!

  48. I just don’t get it ? I follow you on twitter try and get a code and the app don’t show up on itunes after the codes were up then the codes I try don’t work then I end up buying the app for a 2 time because itunes took it off the first time a about a year ago then I buy it this time and It crashes I find out after I have paid for it.
    MAD MAD Customer

  49. QUESTION. A little confused. Is the free day for GV Mobile ONLY for those who previously used GV Mobile on Cydia, or for EVERYONE?

  50. @Todd

    All the codes have been used up an hour ago. πŸ™ You just have to buy it at http://bit.ly/GVMobilePlus but…

    *Next* Saturday night, as Sean wrote above, it will be free for everyone! Probably just for one evening for a few hours. If Google doesn’t pull an Apple and ask Apple to pull the app before next weekend! πŸ™‚

  51. @vjl It doesn’t say for everyone, it says “You don’t. Next Saturday night, it will go FREE for the night for all my Cydia folks. ” That’s why I’m confused.

  52. @Monay

    The only way for it to go free is for him to change the price. He stated a while back that one week after releasing it, he would have a limited time when he changed it to free. In order for the app to work, as he stated on the AppStore description, the Cydia version has to be removed. So there is no way for him to know who has the Cydia version or not. That’s why he is giving it free after a week for a limited time. Check his twitter posts from a few days ago regarding this. He answered it many times over there. πŸ™‚

  53. For all the pricks who are bitching…Sean is still up trying to fix problems and shit. Dedication right there. You don’t see other developers spending countless hours trying to help their customers out.

    Good night all.

  54. Magic key error? Help? This is the first time I’ve ever used this app — based on the past reviews, I was waiting for the non-jailbreak version to hit the app store. Now I can’t get past the Magic Key Error… trying both the username by itself, then as an email address… no luck.

  55. Paid downloaded installed. App won’t launch. Splash screen comes up and then it crashes reverting to home. Tried restarting, no change. Is there a refund policy if I can’t get this working?

  56. Is it true to make a call on this app you have to actually dial the Google Voice forwarding number first, then enter a pin, and then enter the actual number you want to call? I sure hope not…

  57. D*mn happy to see this back in the Apple Store, Sean! Loved the app when first purchased- so sad it couldn’t be updated even when pulled. I even still have the ipa lying around- LOL. I hope this pays off for ya, dude, and gives you a bit of revenue to continue your excellent support of the app!

    Super stoked- “duplicates function” – yeah right, apple- how exactly do I make a phone-call or dial a phone on my iPod Touch? (or receive SMS for that matter?)

    Cheers, man!

  58. Hello,

    I have google credit for international calls. can i use gv mobile+ to make international calls from my iphone? i am currenly using skype on ipad but want to make calls that don’t depend on strong wi-fi/3g signal. I’d rather have a cellular phone connection for the international call. Ta

  59. Hi,
    I had bought the original GV Mobile app from App Store about a year back. Do I need to buy again?? I can mail you the receipt as my proof of purchase.

  60. Says right in the app description that it doesnt work for iPads. Says there will be an update in the future to address this.

  61. @sean Sean please remove the welcome screen, it’s going to look much more cleaner.Overall great job.Who knows maybe Google will offer you a job πŸ™‚

  62. Problem: If you had the Cydia app installed, the Apple-approved version won’t install β€” complains it’s already installed. It would be nice if the two could co-exist.

  63. @Edouble
    Eummm … First of all, I do know how it works …or else I would not have bothered to come here and report the bug (wich the developper is currently sending an other build to fix it)

    Second this app could very well be used for conference calls or others, I have no plans on doing side talking with my ipad

  64. Waited 14 months ot use this app again. Just purchased again on app store for iPad and the app crashes every time I run. Please help!

  65. Hi Sean, I just have one question. Can I use my 3.12 FW on the new mobile?
    I tried to buy the app but it told me only 3.13 compatible. Is it possible for it to work with all 3.0 ? Thanks

  66. Sean,
    It is great you put so much time and effort to create this app, but it is not working the way I would like it to. For example, the primary reason I use google voice is that I make lots of international calls, and I don’t think the app is working right for this. I can’t even see how much credit I have left before I make a call. A refill credit option seems to be missing as well? Are you planning to address these issues? If not, I would like to get a refund and I do not want to use this app.

    Please email me what needs to be done for this.



  67. Magic Key error is because of Google multiple sign in, as someone else mentioned. I disabled multiple sign in and GV Mobile authenticated fine. I reenabled multiple sign in and seem to be ok. Hopefully it just needs the key once. It does need to be fixed though.

  68. Sean,

    Thanks so much. This app is the one reason I jailbreak my phone. Now I don’t need to anymore. And honestly, I’m happy to have paid again through the AppStore even though I’ve already paid through Cydia. You deserve my extra $3 :).

    Question: I currently do push notifications via VoiceGrowl and Prowl. Is native push notifications still on the roadmap? It’d be nice to bypass Prowl.

    Thanks again!

  69. @Sean Few quick observations… When you click ‘Dial’, it should take you to the dial pad first IMHO. Then, I should be able to choose to view contacts, etc.

    Also, the ‘backspace’ button (when held down), seems to be jerky and not smooth like the built in dial app. Also, timing isn’t quite right.

    Fairly minor things, but, I’m a perfectionist, so, thought I’d share my thoughts πŸ™‚

  70. App crashes so I can’t even rate it. I can’t remember any paid app that’s crashed since I got my iPhone three years ago. Running 3.1.2 on iphone and 3.2 on iPad. Disgraceful.

  71. @Lame Sean lame
    Did you read the requirements for the app? It said iOS 3.1.3 and above and it currently doesn’t support iPad. It said so in the description. Besides, he just sent an update for iOS 3.1.2 and is waiting for Apple to update the app. Sean said he’s working on an iPad version, so chill.

  72. @Scott

    Actually if you read to the right under requirements, it says the following:

    Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.13 or later.

    The requirements section just needs to be updated.

  73. Not trying to be a dick, but if you had over a year to work on and polish this app why the fuck is PUSH not already implemented?

  74. Wow. There’s a whole lot of hate in this place.

    If you’re having trouble with the App, before you go looking for a refund or go off of the deep end, do what Sean has asked you to do: Email him. He says he’s very quick to respond, and I’m sure he’d like to work with you to fix the problem for you and anyone else who might come across it. If you delete the App and refund, he may not have a way to reproduce and correct without your help.

    I can’t speak for Sean, but as to why it’s not as polished for the newer iPhone or iPad iOS I would imagine it’s because Apple unapproved his App over a year ago and he has been forced to take it to Cydia and develop it there. He is working on working all of the quirks and getting it up to speed with Apple’s newer iOS and non-jailbroken environments.

    Have a little patience people… For instance: I bought GV Mobile back in the day when it first came out. When it was unapproved, I was pretty upset. Not with Sean, so I didn’t request a refund. When it was approved again the other day, I missed my chance to grab a code and avoid having to pay for it again. Rather than moan and complain I’ll wait and see if I get another chance. If not, I’ll wait until Saturday to grab it for free when he puts it up for a short while. If I miss that, then I’ll pay the $3 again because if this App is anything like the first one, or better, then it’s worth $6.

  75. @Just Sayin’
    I know everyone is upset about push, but I think its more about servers and cost the technical issues. Push requires back end server implementation or a third party integration for the app. Both have capital expenses involved. Until Apple decided to approve GV apps, it would not have made any sense to spend money on those things.

  76. @Monay
    Yes it is true.
    That’s the only way google voice works. It is not a pure GV Mobile+ implementation of the dialing process, but the way google voice works.

  77. @Ole My question was does it work the way the webapp does? When you dial a number in the webapp, of course your phone will dial the GV forwarding number first, and then dial out the number you are trying to get in contact with, that is FINE. I’m under the impression that with GV Mobile+ the USER as in ME would have to manually dial out the forwarding number, and enter other shit just to make a call. You see on the webapp its a really fucking seamless process when making a call, so does GV Mobile+ dial out the same way as the webapp does?

  78. I gladly paid the $2.99 for the app. I use Google Voice so often that it’s worth paying someone something! πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to the pre-OS4 update (I have a jailbroken 3GS without OS4), and PUSH NOTIFICATIONS! Keep up the good work.

  79. PUSH notifications are going to be tough to maintain. He will need to setup a backend server that is always running, pick up any incoming notifications and then have that server push directly to the iPhone. I honestly don’t see a small independently developed application warranting a full server that will need to be maintained 24/7 so as to not piss off the “fans” of this app.

    Would love to see it happen but unless the GVoice API provides some sort of easy hook-in to setup PUSH notifications this may be awhile. Just a thought.

  80. Oh… and suck it up. Its $3. Stop the bitching and complaining you ungrateful shits. If he was deliberately trying to charge you multiple times it would be one thing. But he is clearly not trying to charge you multiple times. Imagine if you guys moaning about $3 is a reason why he might decide its not worth it to continue developing?

  81. Wow, just got through reading all the posts, a lot of you are cheap impatient bastards. It’s been a year and half since it was on the app store. When it wasn’t up the night it was expected to be, all you guys want it for free? Get a clue. Thanks for the app Sean, I know it’s been a struggle, but keep up the good work. I look forward to the planned changes and hope things smooth out a bit for you.

  82. @I want GV Mobile Hey asshole, you know once Google releases the REAL OFFICIAL Google Voice app Sean and everyone else will be in some real trouble. For one thing, it is almost guaranteed to be FREE, and even if its not (which I doubt), it’ll be made from the actual GOOGLE brand and far more clean. SO, It’s best Sean keeps his customers as happy as possible for now and not get too careless and cocky because the glory is only temporary man.

  83. Again, why should I get this release versus the Cydia one? Are there differences that I don’t understand?

  84. When did I say I worked on this app for the past year? Actually very little movement (even on Cydia) occurred with this app. It’s easy to complain about something you have no clue about. It’s the new thing to do. πŸ˜‰

  85. When did I say I worked on this app for the past year? Actually very little movement (even on Cydia) occurred with this app. It’s easy to complain about something you have no clue about. It’s the new thing to do. πŸ˜‰

    And yes, push is more the cost and back-end work rather the ability for me to implement. Simple: I don’t house the data I’m pushing, so I, like the app have to PULL it from somewhere. But I suppose there is an easier way now. πŸ™‚

    You guys just need to chill out, seriously. Email me if you have problems. Otherwise, you’re complaining just to complain.

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