GV Mobile + v2.5.6

This update fixes some aesthetic issues on the iPad and adds a Help and About section.
The next version will finally add support for Emoji and foreign characters!

3 thoughts on “GV Mobile + v2.5.6

  1. It’s currently unusable for me. When I send a message I see it in the chat window for a second and then it disappears.

    I killed the app and then restarted it and still do not see the messages that I have sent since this upgrade. Pressing the refresh button doesn’t show them either.

    1. This is actually being address in the next update. It has to do with the way Google separates conversations out – if you reply to a text from yesterday, Google will start a new conversation, thus it disappearing for you. It did work and go through – you can go into the “text” section of the app and see it there.

  2. Hi Sean–downloaded the latest update for GV3 and lost all the picture displays of my contacts. I know its minor but i really like this so please help!


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