GV Mobile v2.5.8 out

This update brings iPhone 5 support and better iOS6 compatibility.


UPDATE: Pretty crappy release to be honest. An update should hit today (10/2) which should fix the following:

  • Crash on startup for iOS6 users (work around is to enable GV Mobile + access to your Contacts via iOS Settings>Privacy)
  • Inability to use the app on iOS5 or below – app opens, but nothing really works

44 thoughts on “GV Mobile v2.5.8 out

  1. Hi Sean,

    Thanks for all your work with the app. I have a quick question about the text threads. I currently have SMS grouping turned on, but noticed that there is a delay when loading longer threads (I’m guessing because it has to load every single text). Is there a way to hide the older texts like on the native iphone messaging app (i.e. a “load earlier messages” button)? Thanks again!

  2. Hi Sean,

    I was using you app on my iPhone 4s and loved it. But I upgraded to iOS 6 and then installed this latest update for your app and now it won’t launch at all. I’ve tried reinstalling it, doesn’t help. I notice some people are leaving a one star rating in the iTunes store now because of it, so I guess I’m not the only one. Are you aware of this and will you have a fix soon?

  3. Is there a way to change the default Tri-Tone ringtone to a custom one that I synced from my iTunes to my iPhone? So far, all the choices I see in the GV Mobile+ app are none, default, alien, clang, echo, exclamation, honk, and ping.

  4. Hey Sean, thank you for the quick update to io6 and iPhone 5 release – I have upgraded and have an iPhone 5 and noticed a few bugs – it seems the phone is too fast for the app, including the LTE now – what seems to happen is that the app will freeze between texts, sometimes I can be in a text session, get a text, and start typing and it will freeze 5-30 seconds until I can continue to type, this can happen from my inbox as well when a new message is received. Sometimes it will time out when I open the app after getting a notification, and then when it does come I’ll see the text 10-15 times in the history until I refresh, any ideas? Thank you.

  5. I have been having the same issue as craig above. I’m using an iPhone 4 iOS 5.5.1 jailbroken. While most of the time the app does recover gracefully there are some times it doesn’t. I would say its 1 out of 10 times the app actually crashes. While the app is in it’s frozen mode I can continue to type with it catching up (filling in exactly what I typed) after the freeze period is over.

    Sean for us more power users, would you be willing to drop hints as to what plists could be modified to allow ringtone changes?

    1. For the advanced users, just overwrite any of the sounds in the bundle and that should be it…of course set the Push setting for sound to whatever file you overwrite.

  6. I have an iPhone 5, and the app won’t launch anymore. Crashes on startup every time. I tried the Privacy->Contacts fix, but it was already turned on (I tried turning it off and launching the app and then turning it on and launching, but that didn’t help).

  7. I am also seeing the same issue as craig and atrueresistance. The application will occassionally freeze for about 5-10 seconds when receiving a new text or try refreshing one of the windows and does crash from time to time after the freeze.

    One small feature request for the Privacy Push option in settings. Right now with Privacy Push turned on, the notification says “You have a new message”. I think it would be nice if the Privacy push notifcation could say “Message from “. This would make it just like the native iPhone messaging privacy option. This way, when you receive more than one message, you don’t have five notifications on your phone saying you have a new message. You can tell who each one is from without seeing the content of the message. Just a thought.

    Thanks for a great app though I really enjoy it!

    1. My idea of privacy is that there are no names or numbers. If your wife/girlfriend/other is looking on and see’s “Message from My Personal Stripper”, she might get pissed, no? Perhaps an option for the level of privacy. Need to get the app working like it should first.

      1. I totally understand your reasoning for the privacy. I think an option for the level of privacy would be a great idea!

  8. Those with the freezing issue, can you send me some crash logs (via the Phone in iOS Settings>General -> About -> Diagnostics & Usage -> Diagnostics & Usage Data).

  9. Hey Sean, I checked and I definitely have some crash log files on my phone..how do I send them over?

    Please note the app does not always crash after the freeze..it’s actually quite rare..but we have to do something about the freezing..sometimes when I need to respond immediately or have multiple things going on it’s frustrating to wait up to 30 seconds for it to start responding again…thank you!

  10. Sean, first of all — thanks for GV Mobile from a fellow developer. It’s an awesome app.

    However, I have ran into a weird issue on iPhone 5 and iOS 6 — despite a completely fresh install no Contacts alert actually was ever displayed. GV Mobile works, but it only displays phone numbers and doesn’t match them to the Address Book entries. The app doesn’t show up in the Privacy settings either. Any ideas?

    1. Got that figured — one needs to press the Dial button, and try to browse contacts. Only then the Contacts permission request will appear. Afterwards, close and kill the app — from the next start everything should be running smooth. Hope that helps somebody! 🙂

  11. Hey, Sean…I’m watching Leo Laporte on THE TECH GUY and he mentioned that he uses Siri to dictate his text messages and it hit me that Apple has added the dictation function to iOS. I tried to dictate a test text message in GVM+, but the little microphone on the keyboard is grayed out. Do you think you could make GVM+ compatible with this iOS feature? I can use Dragon Dictation for long texts, and copy and paste, but this would be faster and more direct. It does work in Google’s own GV app, but I prefer to use yours. Thanks!

  12. Hey Sean, love your app despite the few little bugs. Just wondering if you can help me out with my notifications as it has stopped working. Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

  13. it has become my default gv app which is saying alot.

    four stars so far because

    regarding the add contact feature
    the only option i could find to add caller is as an iphone contact
    i would prefer to add as google contact


  14. cumbersome and time consuming
    non transparent

    why no google contact link?
    actually when i go to add the contact, nothing even happens
    a 90 minute trip to nowhere in software land
    looking for transparency not more monkeying around with phone

  15. So maybe it is just me, but I am no longer receiving push notifications from GVM+.

    I am running an iPhone 4 with iOS 6.0.

    Everything was working fine up until about last week Wednesday or Thursday…

    I have checked my google account for the forwarding stuff to make sure it is all still right. Still not working.

    Any help????

  16. sean :Go into the App, Settings>Help and review the Push troubleshooting tips. That doesn’t work, email me.

    Thanks Sean, it worked like a charm after a respring.

  17. I am trying to set up my phone so I can get unlimited call history and be able to archive my calls, texts, etc..

    I want to port my number from my carrier to google, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to mess anything up in the process. Do you have any advice?

    Also I’d like to be able to see the call history (Placed, Received, and Missed) all in one tab. Is that a possibility? Where can I make additional donations? Thanks!

  18. Hi, I love you app. I have a few questions
    1. How do I delete a callmethod I added that is not valid?
    2. Is it possible to have an option that asks me which call method I would like to use

  19. Hi, Sean.

    I just bought the app, but can’t log in. I tried logging out and back in to the official GVoice app, and had no problem. I even tried changing my password in case the special characters were causing a problem. I’ve restarted the phone (iPhone 4, not jailbroken). So far no success loggin in through your app. The warning that pops up is “Auth error: Invalid username and/or password. (Level 1).”

    Any advice?

      1. Yes, I have two factor authorization. I’d been wondering if that was playing a role.

        I set one up and the app’s working. Thanks.

      2. Well, it’s working in that it stays open for all of five seconds before crashing. Is there some way I can get my money back? I know it’s not much, but I hate spending money on apps that don’t work.

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