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  1. This is my review from the App Store, not sure if the refresh is something that can be fixed easily.

    This app works great on my iPad mini, including push notification!

    The only problem I have is when I click a notification it pulls up the inbox but the new messages are not show and I have to back out of the app wait a bit then open the app and manually refresh to see the new messages. It seems a bit lagged when updating the inbox, which is very annoying when I go to read messages.

    EDIT: also displays multiple messages after refresh, so I have dozens of the same message listed.

    Everything else seems to work fine for me including Skype out calls and return calling on my mobile.

    3 stars till the inbox gets a fix, hope to see an update soon. Google voice app sucks in comparison.

    1. http://imgur.com/7O6gE

      As you can see here the messages will duplicate.

      When you open a push notification, the list is not refreshed, and requires a manual refresh, always. Usually you have to back out of the program and relaunch to refresh.

  2. Just loaded app and seems to work great voice and message on iPhone 4S using OS6. Is there any way to change the ringtone and text alert tone?

  3. Sean,

    This is a suggestion that could make you some additional money. Google Voice can receive foreign texts, but can’t send them. A number of VOIP services sell outbound SMSes that will spoof your number (voicetrading, Fishtext, voiptrading etc). If you could build in functionality with these services so that we could optionally buy cheap outbound international text messages with our Google Voice number, it would be great.

    Look at the Cydia App called BiteSMS foran idea how it would be impelmented, but integrate it with our Google Voice number and account. You could get a reseller account with one of these folks and take a piece of every text message or if you don’t want to get involved with that, just let us optionally add one of those services with a threaded SMS (e.g. inbound with Google, outbound with their service on international).

  4. Hello Sean:

    just wanted to let you know about a specific problem i am always having with the app it’s a minor issue but annoying. i do direct call out setting from my phone, so when i dial a number then it direct calls out of my phone all is ok. then i come back to the app and i want to dial or call the next person. the app goes into dialing the previous number i dialed automatically and this happens all the time. everytime i make a call then i have to come back into the app for my next call the app goes right into dialing the previous number, like it’s in it’s memory or something. never goes back to the main screen so i can just dial or call the next person. i have to stop the call or cancel it then i can go into dialing my next number. please help. big fan of your app from day one and for the future. richard

  5. Quick question – there was a version earlier with emojii support, but when I receive them they come up as boxes, is that just google voice or the app? Was the update only to be able to send them?

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