GV Mobile v2.6 out

This update should resolve instability.
There is a slight chance you’ll get a crash upon first start – you’ll need to reboot your phone and/or delete the app and re-install from the App Store.

GV Mobile v3.0 is on track with a fresh look, added features (voip calling via gmail/google voice), etc. It’s a couple months away.

14 thoughts on “GV Mobile v2.6 out

  1. I can’t seem to leave another review to help you out on this so I thought I would leave a comment here. The last update seems to be working very well. It has sped up, refreshes quickly, and this is without restarting the app or phone. Nice job. I’m thinking the people writing the negative ones probably aren’t too technically savy to understand that you may have to restart the phone. Keep it up though, I love it when I can go from the lock screen directly into the app and it works much smoother. I’m not waiting for it to update and I have not seen any duplicates. In fact, I tried to find where there were some and I could not find any. It is like it fixed itself too.

    Great job once again, and thank you!

    Next up: see if you can make it so if someone is texting so fast and hitting send rapidly we could see it rather than the typing area taking up the whole screen. Is that possible to do?

  2. What would be truly awesome is from the lock screen when you open the text it goes directly to that text and refreshes..but agreed, keep up the great work, awesome app! I’m downloading the update now!

  3. I’ve recently purchased/installed the latest version for iOS 6.1 and have rebooted and reinstalled the application, but I’m not receiving any notifications.

    -I’ve checked the notification settings in the Settings > Notifications of iOS
    -I’ve enabled the push notification settings as instructed

    FYI – my phone is jailbroken, but I did purchase the app and can provide verification if needed.

    1. Is it legibly activated thru iTunes? Or did you run redsn0w when it was at the activation screen? Because if you ran redsn0w that’s maybe what messed it up

  4. Sean,

    I just got GV Mobile Plus installed and configured just the way I want it. So far, so good. I like what I am seeing.

    I have a question about default “Call Method” though. Is there a way to make a selection persistent between sessions? It seems after having selected a call method for an account, when I log in to another account, the setting disappears?

    Am I missing something, or have I done something wrong?

      1. Hmmm. For some reason my selections aren’t being saved. For example account “A” I select “Call Back Using MyCell.” I switch to account “B”, do something, and switch back to account “A”, and the “Call Method” shows up as “No Call Method selected.” Even though I had previously set it to “Call Back Using MyCell.”

        1. Wow, that is annoying. For some reason a bug got in during the 2.6 release. It saves all call methods other than Call Back (it actually saves the Call Back method, but not the phone to use).

          1. Thanks for your responses. I’ll just live with it until the fix comes out.

            Nice work on the app!

  5. Hey sean I wanted to report some weird issue I was having with the app.
    what happens is i get the notification for a new message but when i refresh the messages on the main screen when i go to the app the message doesnt show until i force quit the app from switcher. any ideas to a solution? ty for the great app btw. would be nice to see if you could integrate bitesms quick reply with gv mobile 🙂 just an idea

  6. Hi Sean, I recently started using your app on my iphone4 and thinking of switching to android. Does the ability to send photos work on android as well?

    1. That is something very specific to the GV Mobile + app. Google Voice doesn’t support any type of picture messaging. There might be a 3rd party GV app that does it though.

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