GV Mobile + 3

I’m pleased to announce the availability of GV Mobile + 3 on the App Store.

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GV Mobile + 3 was built from the ground up to offer a more streamlined interface, elegant design, and includes features users want the most.

VoIP Calling
We now include data based (VoIP) calling using your existing Google Voice number. So whether you are on an unlimited data plan or always on WiFi, you can take advantage of this new calling method without sacrificing your cellular minutes. We still offer call methods for those that have a lite data plan with an abundant amount of cellular minutes.

We listened. Notifications we’re a pain to setup and the benefit only existed when the app was closed. Notifications in GV Mobile + 3 are extremely simple to setup, as they should be. We provide an automatic setup process for those that rather not endure the pain of doing the steps manually and for those adventurous types, step by step pictorial guides.

Not only is the process much easier, but you’ll receive notification when the app is closed or opened, so you’ll never miss an interaction.

An app is only as good as your experience while using it. One way we improved on user experience is the use of gestures. For example, if you are in the SMS chat screen, you can simply swipe right to get back to the main screen. If you want to quickly dial or text someone, you’ll simply pull on the right edge of the main screen to reveal your favorites, and off you go. Similarly, you can quickly switch between all your Google Voice folders by pulling right on the main screen. We have smart gestures throughout the app to make your experience within the app as enjoyable as possible.

There are so many more hidden gems for you to discover! Enjoy.