Farewell ClientLogin

ClientLogin, 10, of Mountain View, died May 26th, 2015. ClientLogin is survived by Google Sign-In, OpenID Connect, and OAuth 2.0.

So what is ClientLogin and why is my Google Voice app not working?

As the name implies, ClientLogin was the only authentication API available (publicly) for 3rd party developers to use with Google Voice. Everything uses it. Google did deprecate it back in 2012, so this shouldn’t be a big deal right? Deprecate an API and give us a new one, right? Wrong. There are plenty of authentication methods at Google’s disposal, but none of them work with Google Voice for 3rd party developers.

Google Voice (fka GrandCentral) has always been the red-headed step child for Google, never gaining enough steam to earn itself a public API. I can’t blame them though, because how do you make money off this thing to fund/maintain public facing APIs? They don’t serve ads in the middle of your conversation or charge for the service (outside standard international calling fees). The only thing keeping it alive is the millions of users who use it; whose business relies on it. They are evil, but not that evil.

I believe a couple options exists, albeit a bit crude and hacky. I’ll be looking into some of these options in order to get GV Mobile working again. I appreciate your patience and understanding.

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  1. Any progress on finding an alternate means of authorizing access to Google Voice? Is using OAuth 2.0 feasible?

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