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Picture Messaging

  • Invalid response from GV Mobile Services (General) – This is almost always due to a rate limit Google imposes on my URL shortening account. Typically if you try after a minute or so, it will go through. I plan on moving away from Google’s URL shortener to someone else that doesn’t have insane rate limits.

Push Notifications

  • Why is/was it so complicated to setup?– Any company/developer not owning the data being pushed will always* require their users to jump through some hoops in order to make it work. Otherwise, like Google’s Voice app, it’s as easy as turning on a switch.
  • Where are they? – If everything is setup correctly, you will get notifications. If you need further help, please email support at
  • I’m not getting all of them – One common reason is because the app is open. While the application is open, a notification with do one of two things: a) if you have a sms conversation open, it will refresh that conversation (the application currently assumes the notification is for that conversation open) or b)will refresh the section the main screen is on (inbox, history, text, voicemail, etc).
    Another possibility is a hiccup on the server or one of the many moving parts. It could range from the content of the message being pushed, Google not sending the email notification (which starts it all), to random server dropouts. Over time, things will likely get better.


  • Duplicating Text? – Update to the latest version (v2.2+) and clear your data storage (Settings>Data Storage>Clear).

Please email for any issues related to GV Mobile + that is not solved above.