GV Mobile + v2.5.1 available

The long awaited update should be hitting the stores shortly. Remember to go and grab your updated email addresses.


Update: It appears it’s taking longer than expected for all the servers to sync up. Those receivingg the error “Item is no longer available” will need to patiently wait as the App Store server you connect to is still syncing up. This is not a GVM app issue.


Update 2: Those using the forwarding method for push notifications (setting up a forward filter in Gmail,etc) had some down time with regards to the notifications. I have resolved the issue and it should be working now.

Status Update Novel

As many may have noticed, the app is missing from the App Store. I removed the app after the 2nd failed update in order to prevent other users from installing. I immediately corrected the problem and sent it over to Apple that same day (almost 2 weeks ago). The app was reviewed for 2 days (typically reviews last 15 minutes) – after which it was rejected due to Apple’s beefed up privacy stance. On the build I sent to Apple (2.5.0), I installed Flurry to handle some usage tracking – unbeknownst to me, they still captured the UDID (the device’s unique ID), which Apple NOW finds offensive (handed out freely before). So the good thing for end users is that Apple monitors network traffic to watch for these things now (one could still hide these calls until Approved I suppose). The bad news is that Apple isn’t very consistent with this process (another novel for later). I updated Flurry with a version that doesn’t send the offending data and all should be good. I’m expecting a review perhaps today or tomorrow, lasting however long they do now. So when I was saying it was going to be out last week, I had some indication that it was, until the ban hammer came down.

So the next version will be v2.5.1 (shortened) and will bring some much needed stability and also a change to push notifications. The email addresses will change from *@gvmobileservices.appspotmail.com to *@gvmpl.us. I’ll keep the old addresses alive until June 1st.

If you need to install GVM+ right now, you can still get it 2 ways:
1) If you are on OS5+, open the App Store>Updates>Purchases>Not On This iDevice, then find it in the list. It will be v2.4.0425 – it works so as long as any previous version is removed from the phone first.
2) From a backup on your computer – hook the device to the computer and you should be able to sync a copy from the computer to the phone.

I do want to say that while the last 2 updates we’re not the best, I have every intention make the best products available.

While I never bring this up, I just wanted all the new supporters (and old ones with amnesia) to realize that I’ve developed GV for 3 years now, besting my competition. I’ve done 3 complete redesigns at the cost of time away from my family (this is NOT my day job). I moved to Cydia when Apple removed GV (all of us) from the store to support the demand and my loyal users. This move was costly as I provided the app for free (later added an updated paid version). Once back on the App Store, after a week, to make things right with those that purchased on Cydia and original App Store supporters, I set the app to free for 16 hours, netting 60k downloads, which was way more than expected but I felt I righted the situation (10x over). All this on top of handling every email I get regarding the app responded to in incredible time.
Most like me, some hate me and call me arrogant (Arnie, my friend), some even make crap up in reviews that drives me bananas, but at the end of the day, I do love all you guys and appreciate the support.
Do know that GVM will always be supported – I may not have time to add every feature you can dream of, but I will always keep it working so as long as Google keeps the service going.

GV Mobile + v2.4.0408 available

I posted an update to GV Mobile +. This update brings several backend updates, bug fixes, and a new Auto Dial option (clicking the Call button in the action menu will make the instead of just brining up the dial pad).

UPDATE: Please ignore this update as it appears to have some issues. Another update has been submitted to Apple and should be available shortly. Look for version 2.4.0425.